Edges Laid, imperious shade, conformity slayed

I stand with my smile-stiletto sharper than the edge of a knife

Not your mommy or your daddy but I'm still giving you life

I need no weapon other than the side-ways glance of my eye to win this war because my very existence is an act of resistance

If you happen to be unaware we're in college so I can provide you with knowledge

if you want me to read I am more than ready to proceed

Let me start with an unadulterated autobiography an honest histography

I am queer and here whether you get used to it or not

I am black as the beauty and wonder you feel when you see the spaces between the stars

I am Sister, Sis as in supporting all women not Cis as in only the ones assigned that label at birth

I am goddess because, if I am in your life you can consider yourself blessed

I hold not the world but the galaxy in my raised fist

Slipping softly into rage, reaching rawly for serenity,

I float weightless through the void of the mainstream.

Lips black like the skin of the enslaved people I am proud to call my ancestors

Skin the brown of fertile soil in concrete jungles

Hair rising up in cosmic defiance of gravity

Silvery stretch marks marking proof of the truth that

Sometimes even my own skin has trouble containing my greatness

I am not easily erasable

I am not readily replaceable

I am not even confidant.

I'm just comfortable.

And I'm sorry not sorry if it comes off as cocky but

I woke up fed up cause ya'll got me fucked up

With this unachievable unhealthy unrealistic materialistic

Misogynistic Man made masturbatory

Mechanism of corrupted control called "Beauty"

To which I am expected to conform

And embrace as the predestined pinnacle of a physical norm

But fuck that

Because how could you look at me and not see beauty

Your standards ain't shit

I am done with systems that profit off of my purging, find happiness in my hunger and pleasure in my pain, are content when I'm cutting, satisfied only when my disgust with my mirror grows so great I either acquiesce and assimilate

Or destroy myself trying

To achieve what society calls beauty and I call systematic self hate

I refuse to strive for standards that say all I have to do is be everything but who I am.

Fuck that.

Because I am

Beautiful to me.

End of story.