We'll take our success where we can get it;

Sometimes we just do not win;

Hope can come in a minute,

Or snuffed out soon after it begins.

We carry our pride on chest;

For all the way the world to see;

Not because we think we're best,

Just because we're looking to be free.

We don't always listen as we're told;

Only because we won't be controlled.

We won't be silenced, bargained or bought,

And we think it's time that everyone is taught.

We've always been around;

Just because it wasn't until now

You're all hearing our voice,

Strong and loud

We may make you uncomfortable;

But if that's how it must be;

I'd rather we share the feeling,

Rather than you leaving it on me.

We're not all the same, we're not all just one group

But we're all members of the human race,

All part of the same troupe,

We're all just looking for a place

We can all feel safe and loved

And not forced to live in fear,

So while we're here on planet Earth,

That place might as well be here.