February, 1341, Stirling Castle

King David II Dunkeld

His life was fading from him, he could feel it in the way every breath was laboured, in the way his eyes hurt and ached. It did not matter though; he had achieved what he had wanted to. Security for his sons and the kingdom he loved so much, marriages for his daughters and granddaughters. The world was a better place now, and he had made it so. Ireland had remained independent despite the qualms he had had, though the English were gaining a hold there once more. His kingdom did not extend to York anymore, but they still held the north, as they should. He looks at his son, his successor, Kenneth, a tall and strong man, a handsome man and he smiles. "I am proud of you son." He whispers.

His son leans in and smiles as well. "Thank you father."

"You will make a great King. Keep your brothers close, and keep your children close. Make sure the English do not get past our borders, and make sure Alexander holds fast in Normandy. The war between Edward of England and his rivals in France will necessitate sacrifices, we cannot allow them to break through to us." David responds.

"Of course father. I will make sure of it." Kenneth responds.

David nods, he knows his son will. Kenneth always was a dutiful boy. David thinks for a moment and then, knowing this will be his last breath says. "I love you, son. I love all of you." And with that he closes his eyes and says farewell to the world.