A little bird sat by the window...

In a forest known as Greenscale was a small clearing with a house in the middle. The house was just a little one, with a thatched roof and clay walls. There were flowers on the windowsill and a back door which lead to a small kitchen garden. This was where the bird chose to land.

Its wing hurt. It had been severely injured by the cat chasing him. If only he had sat down on a high branch like all birds do. No, he had flown down to the ground to rest, an easy prey for the evil beast. It had tried to catch him with a leap attack but he had escaped its claws with just a scratch wound and an itchy wing. Or so he thought.

His wing started to hurt more and more as he spotted the house. The cat was out of sight and the house promised warmth and safety. He lowered and landed in the open window. Inside, a girl was humming. Her back was turned towards him, so the only thing he could see was dark wavy hair falling down her back. He tweeted.

The girl turned around and looked at him. "Oh, what are you doing here, little one?" she said with a smile. He tweeted again, as if replying. The girl was wearing oven gloves and an apron and her cheeks were covered with flour.

At that moment, the bird heard a disturbing noise. Meow. The evil cat was close! He tweeted again, louder, more frequently, to catch the girl's attention. If only she'd close the window… He couldn't fly anymore, his wing hurt.

The girl had meanwhile stopped cooking and picked up the twittering bird. "Is something the matter?" she asked in the exact same moment as the cat leapt through the window. Second attack of the day, though this time the bird was safe inside the girl's hands.

"Alastor! Get off!" the girl said firmly, looking at the cat. It was hers? The cat meowed once more, so she moved the bird to one hand and opened the front door with the other. Then she kicked out the cat with her foot. As soon as the door was closed, she sat down the bird gently and closed the window.

"Are you okay?" she asked the bird, as if oblivious that he couldn't talk. "I'm sorry about my cat, he's really nice, you know. Just well… not to birds. What's that? Is your wing hurt?"

The bird had been testing its wing but it ached. The adrenaline must have ruled out the pain at first but by now he could barely move it. The girl came closer and gently touched the injured wing, but the bird pulled away. "Hush, don't be shy," she soothed him. "I'm not gonna hurt you. I just want to have a look."

The bird remained in place as the girl examined his wing, but his heart was racing. He slightly winced when she tried to move it. "I think it might be broken," she said slowly. "Hold on, I'll splint it.

She opened a cabin at the other side of the one-room house and came back with bandages and little sticks. "Just hold still," she said.

But the bird did not intend on doing that. He moved frantically, despite his hurting wing, to prevent her from bandaging it. Only after half an hour, the girl finally succeeded in her job. "All done!" she exclaimed happily. The bird tried to push the bandages off his wing, but there was no point. He couldn't get it off.

"Now be calm. I'll let you rest on my pillow until I go to sleep, but then I'll have to find another soft spot for you. Now I'm gonna finish dinner, okay?" The bird tweeted while she placed it on her bed. The she went back to the corner of the room that was the kitchen.

The bird's eyes moved to the window. It was getting late. Judging by the shadows of the trees, it had to be near sunset! As soon as he realised, he started tweeting again. Trying to get the girl's attention. After a few minutes, she turned around. "What's the problem?"

She looked at the bird but didn't notice its eyes moving from her to the window and back. So she turned around again and continued cooking. Annoyed, the bird pulled his trick again. He tweeted and twittered until she, sighing, turned around again. "Are you gonna stop that?" she wanted to ask, but she stopped mid-sentence.

On the bed lay a young man.