Some wrongs need to be righted.

"He's your father?" Claudia asked him agitated. "You forgot to mention that."

The Captain tried to close the door, but Icarus grabbed him by his shoulder and pulled him out of the doorway, causing the man to fall on the grass in front of the house.

"Whatever he told you, child, he lied," the Captain said in his croaky voice, while trying to get up.

Icarus walked over to him and pushed him on his back with a foot. Then he placed the same foot on the man's chest firmly, preventing him from getting up. "It's time for you to finally give me what belongs to me," he said, towering over the Captain.

"Give you what?" Claudia asked confused.

"The secret enchantment," Icarus said.

"Can't you just ask him nicely to make you normal again?"

"You don't get it, do you? I wasn't turned accidentally into a bird. My father stood in the lake and used the enchantment on himself, wishing to turn me into a bird. However, at the same time I touched the water and wished to remain myself. The wishes were both granted, as you have seen."

"Why would he try to turn you into a bird? What did you do?"

"He tried to kill me," the Captain said. He coughed because Icarus' foot was pressuring his lungs. "He didn't like his role as my helper and tried to take me down to become the Greenscale Sorcerer himself. He couldn't kill me though, before he knew the enchantment to activate the lake. He tried to beat it out of me, so I dragged him to the water and made him harmless. When I found out he was still himself at night, I fortified my home such that he couldn't reach me."

Claudia was baffled.

Suddenly, the Captains strong arms grasped Icarus' foot and pulled. The boy fell and his father pinned down his arms and legs immediately.

"Game is over, son." He moved Icarus' right hand beneath his right knee and reached for a big stone with his free hand. "But before you go I would like to tell you one more thing. The secret does not contain an enchantment. The words I say do not matter a single bit to provide the magic. It's the lake. If you sit in it with a wish, it will be granted. It's simple as that, it needs no words. If you had been smart enough to see, none of this would have happened. If you had been nice enough, you would have been my successor when I died. We would have become rich. But you did nothing but disappoint me."

Icarus looked at his father surprised. "There is no enchantment?"

"No," the Captain said. "Your entire mission has been in vain." He moved the stone closer to the boy's head and lifted it, to knock him out.

"Stop it, you both!" Claudia suddenly shouted. The two men turned their attention to her.

"You," she looked at Icarus, "are a liar. And you," she eyed the Captain, "are a swindler." They both opened their mouths to protest, but Claudia continued, "I've had enough of this."

She lifted her hands and mumbled a few unintelligible words. The two fighting men in the grass disappeared at once, to be replaced by two little worms.

Claudia turned around, and as the Greenscale Sorcerer walked back to her house, a bird in the air spotted a worm in the grass.