The Haunted House

By Joseph Logsdon

What was inside that house? Whatever it was, it wasn't anything good. They walked inside, nervous and afraid. Rick had never been to a haunted house before, so he was quite panicky. Rose, on the other hand, was a paranormal expert. They searched the house, uncertain of what they might see. Being the nervous guy that he was, Rick remained close to the wall, jumping at everything that moved. Annoyed by his behavior, Rose screamed at her boyfriend.

"Stop that, you're making me nervous," she demanded, irritated by his cowardly behavior.

"Honey, I love you and everything, but is this really necessary?"

"You're not afraid, are you?"

"Who said I was afraid? It's only a legend, couldn't possibly be real. You know me, I get upset easily, and that's nothing to brag about. Can we go, or are you going to continue this torment?"

"It's just a house, nothing to be afraid of. If you want, you can hold my hand. It's lonely, being the only one with any real balls. Oh, I forgot, I don't have any balls," she laughed, taking his hand.

"That isn't funny, you making fun of me like that. In case you forgot, I'm a very sensitive person," he whimpered.

"I know, why do you think I brought you here? The way you act, right down to the way you move, it's simply hilarious. Have no fear, I'll protect you," she laughed, leading him around the dark corner.

"What's the story behind this house, anyway?"

"According to legend, an old man lived here," she answered.

"Of course, they're always old, aren't they?"

"Will you let me finish?"

"Sorry, continue," Rick laughed.

"Saddened by the loss of his wife, the old man took his own life. They say he still haunts the house, looking for his wife. He found her body in the attic, lifeless and cold. She had hung herself, or so it is said. Ever since then, he has haunted this house. Pretty creepy, huh?"

"You're telling me, I thought I had it bad," Rick laughed.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, next to this, being your boyfriend almost seems bearable," Rick laughed.

"That isn't funny," she replied, anger fueling her voice.

"Well, neither is trying to scare me, so we're even," Rick stated.

"You aren't any fun, you know that?"

"Just so you know, I have a gun in my pocket," Rick informed.

"You brought a gun? What on earth for? Besides, guns only work on the living, not the dead," she stated, leading him up the stairs.

"Better safe than sorry, that's what I always say," Rick replied.

They made their way to the attic, where they took a brief rest. Though he tried to hide it, Rick had never been more afraid. Just the thought of seeing a ghost, made him tremble.

"This is where it happened," Rose stated, removing her jacket.

"Can we go, now?"

"What's the matter, afraid of a little ghost?"

"Okay, I admit it, I'm afraid of ghosts. I hope you're happy, because I've had enough of this nonsense," Rick huffed.

"Well, if you really insist, I guess we'll call it a night," Rose stated, heading towards the door.

Just as Rick was beginning to calm down, the lights went out, leaving him in total darkness. He called out to Rose, but heard no reply. He was alone, with no one to help him. He staggered along the wall, afraid and out of breath. Determined to find his way out, Rick walked across the room, only to hit a brick wall. He was trapped, and as far as he could tell, no one was coming to rescue him.

Without warning, Rick heard a faint whisper. The whisper started slow, then it got faster. There were no words, only what sounded like words. Frightened by the strange voice, Rick circled the room, desperate to escape the ghost. The harder he tried, the less productive he felt. What seemed like a good idea, was a waste of time and energy.

"Rose, if you're trying to scare me, you've succeeded. Why don't you come out? You've had your laugh, now let's go home," Rick demanded.

There was no response, just the tasteless sound of the air. Rick pulled out his gun, prepared to shoot anything that moved. He dashed from corner to corner, with the intention of finding a way out. He was consumed by panic, by his fear of the unknown. Someone was in the room with him, he had no doubt of that. They were watching him, studying him, waiting for him to get tired. Those were his thoughts, terrible as they were. His body, his very mind, was being controlled by fear.

Losing all sense of rationality, he was willing to shoot anything. Rick stared at the wall, trying to keep his mind distracted. Someone touched his arm, squeezing it firmly. Rick fired two bullets, amazed by his ability to shoot a weapon. She screamed, falling to the floor.

"What have I done?"

"I was only trying to give you a scare," Rose stated, coughing up blood.

"It was an accident, I didn't mean to do it," Rick cried, holding her in his arms.

"You're one messed up motherfucker, I'll give you that," she whispered.

"You can't die, I won't let you," he begged.

"Happy Halloween," she sighed, dying in his arms.

The End