Teddy's Day Off

An eight-year-old Suzy had just been put to bed by her parents one night when something seemed odd. She rolled over and tried to feel what was wrong. She checked her covers, adjusted her position, opened her window, everything. Then finally she checked her teddy bear. She felt him, and as she did she noticed that his fur was missing and worn, and his beaded eyes were scratched. The course of action was pretty obvious; Teddy was tired and needed a break. This was okay by Suzy and she understood completely; everybody needed a break once and awhile, even Mommy and Daddy. She got out of bed and placed her teddy on a pillow while she got another one out for the night. "This is only temporary." She said to her teddy and kissed him on the forehead before heading back to bed and falling asleep.

Her Teddy was sad. Sure he was tired, but he had always been Suzy's favorite. He didn't know what to think about what just happened. Was Suzy abandoning him? Did she still love him? He didn't know either of these things, all he knew is that he would have to teach the new guy a lesson. After that, he slept.

The next morning, Suzy packed her bags and right before she left for school she put both Teddies on her bed and kissed them goodbye. "I'll be home soon" she promised them, before racing out to her parents' car. When the Teddies saw that the vehicle had driven away completely out of view, they unfroze.

Well every time a human came in sight they kind of went into a sleep like state where they rested for a long period of time. They were fully conscious every time they froze unless they decided otherwise, so they could hear almost everything humans said without them freaking out.

"So right down to business." The older Teddy said and the younger teddy raised his hand. "Yes" answered the teddy bear. The younger bear lowered his hand and began to talk. "I'm confused about something." He said modestly, the other smiled nicely "What would that be young cub?" he asked joyfully, the little bear frowned at this comment "I'm not that young." he said frankly

The older bear was 30cm tall and had sandy coloured fur, he sounded around 20 years old. The younger bear was about 15cm tall and had dark brown fur, he sounded around 8 years old. They both had black plastic-glass eyes and a black buttoned nose. There were only a few differences from their appearances.

The older teddy bear had scratches on his eyes and nose, and some of his fur had worn so thin that it felt hard to the touch. The rest of his fur was scratchy and stained. The new teddy on the other hand looked brand new, with glossy, soft, smooth and dark fur; and shiny black beads without a scratch.

"Never mind then, what is your concern?" asked the older bear again.

"I just wondered what our names are?" he asked shyly.

"Oh, I didn't think about that." confessed the other. He realized since Suzy called them both "Teddy" that they would need different names for each other, so he thought about it for a moment. He knew he couldn't call the other one "Young cub" without offending him and he didn't want to be called anything. He knew he was used to the name Teddy, and the cub had really nice fur, so he said "You can call me Ted, and I'll call you Furnando." The little cub pondered this

"Fernando...Cool!" he said excitedly "So Ted, what where you saying?"

"Oh, that..." Ted said nervously. He had totally forgotten that he wanted to talk to the tyke. "How was your first night with Suzy?" he asked. Fernando thought about it for a moment and then shrugged his shoulders and said "It was okay I guess. Why?"

"I am just wondering if you know the protal call for sleeping with Suzy." Ted asked slyly

"No I don't believe I do." Fernando replied honestly.

"Then I think I should teach it to you." Ted said, grinning from ear to ear.

"Okay, what do you have to teach me?" Fernando asked. Ted pondered this, and he wondered how he would start this off.

"Did you notice how Suzy squeezed you tightly throughout the night?" Ted asked quizzically.

"Yes I noticed, am I supposed to protect her from the terrors of the night?" Fernando asked.

Ted laughed to himself and thought about lying to the cub, saying "Yes, you will have to do that." But he hesitated. If he caused trouble for Fernando then Suzy would get the grief. Even if he never got to lie beside her in a warm hug again, he wanted her to be happy. He loved her. So he decided to tell Fernando the truth.

"No, that will not be necessary. You see, it's a lot less about you protecting her, and more about her protecting you." He said

"But... then why am I...?" Fernando asked confused

"She is no longer afraid of night, as you can see, instead she bravely embraces it. That's what I like about her." Ted continued, Fernando looked puzzled, so he turned to ted and asked "So why am I needed, can't she sleep by herself?" Ted smiled at Fernando and said "She is very brave, but she is also lonely and likes responsibility. So she needs someone to keep her company while she sleeps, and someone to protect... That's why she needed me, and that's why she needs you."

"I see..." Fernando said. Nobody said anything for a long time before Fernando asked "What did you think of it?"


"Not needing to protect her, did it make you feel...?"

"...Weak, worthless, small, insignificant? Yes it did, for about a month I felt that way, then I realized..."

"Then you realized what?"

"I realized as long as we're loved that's all that matters, right?"


"That is all we bears live for, is to be loved. So as long as she still loved me I was good, in fact I feel more loved when she tries to protect me instead of me protecting her. Otherwise I would just think she was using me."

"Is that so?" Fernando asked, feeling a little more content.

"When she switched me with you I thought that I was too old, insignificant, weak, worthless all over again; but over all that, I felt unloved. I felt like she cared more about you than me, like she would rather I face it alone while you're protected."

"Oh, I'm so sorry. If there's anything I can do to make it up to you..."

"I'm afraid not Fernando. We're not allowed to move; when the girl comes home she'll expect us to be right where she left us. Then when she's here we won't be allowed to move again until she's gone. It's not your fault anyway, so get over it."

The two bears didn't say anything for a long time, and then Fernando got up off the bed and went for a walk. "Where are you going?" Ted asked,

"Don't worry, I'll be back." Fernando Answered. Ted thought about going after him, but instead he said "Try not to be seen."

"Don't worry I will." Then Fernando left the room, and Ted took a nap.

When Ted woke up, Fernando was back. Beside him were Needles and thread, stuffing, and polish. "What are you doing Fernando?" Ted asked a little concerned.

"Don't worry; it's all part of my plan." Fernando said smiling. Ted thought the plan was to get rid of him so Fernando would be the new apple of Suzy's eye, but for some odd reason he trusted Fernando. Then Fernando went to pick up the needle, which made Ted hesitate. "Wait, how are you going to use that thing? You don't have fingers." Fernando smiled and said

"The same way I picked it up dummy, now relax and sit still." Ted did as Fernando said, and Fernando got to work. He opened up some of Ted's stitching and filled it with stuffing, and then he sewed together the loose ends and made them tighter. He also took out some of his fur and put it on ted. Then he took the polish and polished up Ted's Button eyes and nose.

When he was done it looked like they had switched places. Ted was now good as new, while Fernando had missing fur, polish stains, and loose stitching; his eyes and nose were scratched up too. Ted looked over Fernando's work and was honestly, a little upset.

"Fernando I appreciate what you've done but..." Ted Started


"But I've worked long and hard for me to get this look, for me to feel real. You fixing me up like this might take that feeling away, you know." Ted finished.

"I don't understand, what's real?" Fernando asked

"Real is when a toy like us is loved so deeply that they are no longer just a toy, they are a friend." Ted explained gently.

"Oh." Fernando said. he now felt ashamed of what he did. How could he take this feeling away from a bear twice his age?

"It's okay Fernando, you didn't know; but next time..." Ted started to say, but then they both heard the sound of a car door. Fernando went over to the window to check out what was going on. He saw the little girl Suzy, and her parents coming home for the day. Although ashamed with what he did he followed through with his plan any way.

He jumped down from the window and went down into the space between Suzy's bed and the wall. Ted panicked "Fernando, what are you doing? We are supposed to stay..." by that time Suzy walked into the room and Ted was silenced.

"Oh Teddy, I had a great day at school today, and... where did Bernie go?" Suzy said as she walked into the room and noticed one of her teddy bears missing, Ted laughed a little to himself at Fernando's new name. Suzy went over to her Teddy bear and picked him up, hoping he would have some answers to the whereabouts of her missing bear. "Teddy... Oh, you look and feel good as new..." Suzy said slowly "...But where did Bernie go?"

Ted knew it; she didn't love him anymore because of his new appearance. She liked the old him, and now that his old look was gone she wanted the other one. "Mom! Did you get rid of my teddy bear?" Suzy yelled,

"I've been gone all day; I haven't touched your teddy bear! He's probably somewhere in your room still." The mom yelled back. Ted sat there watching painfully for about an hour as she tore apart her room looking for Fernando... or Bernie. Finally Suzy looked in the spot where Fernando was hiding "There you are Bernie... but, you're all worn out." Suzy noticed examining her Teddy bear, "That's what you get Bernie, that's what you get for lying down there all day!" Suzy said in a mock scolding.

"Now what to do?" Suzy said looking from one teddy to the next. "I guess you should rest because you're all worn out, but you never got a chance for a hug. Then again, I've been hugging teddy for a long time..." Here it comes They both thought say goodbye to me. "So in that case..." The bears held their breath "I will sleep with you both." Suzy said, smiling happily.

WHAT! Both bears thought, one was hoping for the way out, and the other one was fearing it. Neither one saw this coming, this girl had to constantly surprise them. How would this even work? "Don't worry." Suzy said, "I have enough love for two of you." With that she hugged both teddy bears tightly. Both bears smiled; it turned out, it didn't have to be one or the other. Sometimes it could be both. They were both happy, and they whispered in a whisper only they could hear "Your right Suzy and your love is all we'll ever need."

The bears were right, since Suzy's love for them is what brought them to life in the first place.