A/N: This was a dream I had that I only remember pieces of and thought it was an awesome dream so I wrote a story for what I remembered. Hope you enjoy and please Review what you think!


"Come on Ali all you do is study and practice, just for tonight come to this party and cut loose!" Kaitlyn pointed out to me.

I sigh turning in my chair to look at my roommate, making lame excuses. "Well my grades and ball is what keeps me in school, besides I don't have anything cute to wear."

Kaitlyn smiled bubbly at me, going to her wardrobe in the corner of her side of the room. "Don't worry about that, I've totally got you covered!"

I groan, Kaitlyn is a frilly dress wearing girlie-girl; where I prefer jeans, sneakers and t-shirts. After a quick search she turn with a pink dress in hand.

"Oh my god this would be perfect on you! Quick change and I'll do your hair and make-up."

I groan again but did as she instructed, even though it was a dress it was cute; it was light pink frill on the bottom with a nice cleavage but not too much to make me look slutty.

Kaitlyn clap her hands excitedly. "Oh Ali you look amazing!"

I laugh nervously at her, pushing a strand of my chestnut hair behind my ear; Kaitlyn motion me back to my chair.

"Now let me work my magic on you."

She was too excited about this but thirty minutes later she was done, I stood in front of the full length mirror we share staring. She had pulled my hair back and up to cascade down in curls, my make-up was done lightly but made my eyes pop out.

"Wow Kaitlyn." I just stared at my complexion in the mirror.

Kaitlyn smiled proudly, clapping her hands excitedly. "Oh I know Ali, you're stunning!"

When we arrived at the party forty-five minutes later, I was so nervous this being my first party ever I stop at the walk way up to the big house.

"Kaitlyn I don't know about this." Kaitlyn giggled taking my hand to loop her arm around mine.

"You'll be fine, besides you look to cute not to show off!" She tried to reassure me, taking a deep breath I let Kaitlyn lead me into the house and into the party.