A/N: In case anyone would like to see what Ali's outfit for her date with Jordan looks like here is a link to it.


Kaitlyn giggled at me as I open the door to our room. "So what happen to the studying and doing homework all day?" I blush setting my keys on the stand by the door. "We went for a drink this morning and got to talking." Kaitlyn pat me on the shoulder. "You've got it bad huh Ali?" I blush even more at Kaitlyn's question, going into the kitchen. "Honestly I really like him yes, but I don't want to get hurt you know?" Kaitlyn sigh sitting down at the table as I made us lunch. "Do you think he's only playing with you?" I shrug at her question. "I don't think he is, but I've never been in a relationship to know." Kaitlyn gasp at me. "Oh my god Ali, you've never been on a date before?" Kaitlyn ask me in shock, I blush all over again. "No, which makes me really wish this works out."

Kaitlyn smiled. "Honestly Ali I talked to Casey about you two last night," I turn to look at her shocked. "You did, why?" Kaitlyn shrug and continued talking as if I never interrupted. "I wanted to know if what Jordan is doing is sincere." I nibble on my bottom lip nervous. "What did Casey say?" I had to know, but was a little worried about the answer; Kaitlyn smiled brightly at me. "He said Jordan is into you big time and that he's being sincere with you, especially if he took you to see Gladys." I smiled thinking of the little old lady. "We're going out again tonight, would you help me get all dressed up to impress him again." Kaitlyn squeals clapping her hands excitedly. "Ali dear I would say you've already impressed him but I'll help you all the same."

After a couple of hours, Kaitlyn helps me get ready I'm sitting on her bed while she goes through her clothes. "You're going to the movies and something to eat right?" I nod looking at the clothes she's already set on the bed beside me; they were really girlie-girl type of outfits. Kaitlyn let out an excited squeal. "Oh my god Ali I found the perfect outfit for you!" She turns with a cute blue skirt and a lacy white long sleeve shirt. "This would look perfect against your skin tone and hair!" I quickly change in it and slip on a pair of flats Kaitlyn also lent me, she smiled widely at me. "Ali you're so beautiful! I cannot wait until Jordan sees you all done up." I return her smile shyly. "Thanks Kaitlyn, do I really look ok?" I ask her nervous, the outfit actually fit me really nicely. The skirt stop to the mid of my thighs and the blouse fit my curves just right to look really nice. "If anyone thought otherwise would be blind and stupid Ali." I sat down in my computer chair and let Kaitlyn finish working her magic on me, getting more excited as the time went by.

Kaitlyn got done around 5:30 p.m. when my phone beeped.

*Hey Beautiful, I know I said 6 but care if I come now?* J-man

I smiled reading the text, Kaitlyn clap her hands excitedly again. "Oh my goodness Ali, he's got it bad!" I shake my head smiling and replied to his text.

*Yeah, of course you can.* Ali-Grav