People always say you have to chose sides in a war. I think they are stupid. In my opinion it never helps if you are stuck to just one side of things. I mean, think about it. During war the tensions are high and everyone is scared. "Who will win?" "What if we lose?" Too fucking complicated and stressful, for me at least.

This is why I never approach a problem, instead let it approach me and take the bidder willing to give me the highest amount of money. I don't necessarily care what the job is, but to my surprise when I entered the business I found that most people wanted their targets delivered to them alive and sometimes my targets were the most fucked up things, too. Like this one time I was supposed to escort this rich guy's new wife from the airport to the hotel and then to their mansion. It had sounded easy, but somehow that lady had even nice old ladies penning for her. But that is another story for another time.

It was rare to find people who wanted their target killed. However, when the rare opportunity came I made sure the death was quick and as painless as I possibly could. But when people order their targets killed they usually want it to be painful and slow.

Just thinking about it made me shiver, even as a warm breeze washed over me. It was currently almost night with the last of but of sun just starting to disappear and behind me was a man's brains splattered on a roof of one of the numerous buildings in Whisper City. I took off my blood splattered gas mask and wiped my sweaty face with the back of my hand. Another breeze blew by and I closed my eyes, relishing the cool feeling and taking in the familiar stink of the city air.

Breathing out a sigh I turned around and took my cheap flip phone out of my pocket. Walking closer to the guy I removed my flashlight from my belt and shined it on the guy to make sure the shadows cast by the fading sun didn't interfere with the picture. Sending the photo and a message to drop the money off at the place we had talked about I snapped the phone shut when I saw that the message was sent. Throwing it to the ground I ground the phone under my heel and then let out a yawn. It had been a long day.

Shaking my head I rolled my shoulders and was about to call it a night when a shrill scream in the alley below snapped me back to high alert. Pulling my mask back over my face I walked to the edge of the building and peered over. It was dark, but enough light shone down in the alley to illuminate five figures - three men and two women - that I could surprisingly see quite clearly in the fading light.

I glared down at the scene with hatred. I wanted to sleep but my mother had taught me better than to leave women at the mercy of men. Just thinking of what a monster my father was made my jaw clench. I was about to jump down, using the fire escape to get down in one piece, when laughter floated up from the group. I looked at the teens warily, a black male had a pale girl over his shoulder, the other two boys stood around, chuckling, while another white girl leaned against the alley wall looking bored with life, a lit cigarette in her hand.

"Jesus, Tre," a smooth female voice said loudly enough for me to hear. The black male, Tre, again shrugged his shoulders, causing her to let out another shrill scream and then slap his back with a loud SMACK. "Stop it!" She growled, hiding her nervous giggle.

A growl rose in my throat as Tre did it a third time. She told him to stop and you stop when a women says to. If there was anything that could anger me more than finding out a girl got beat by a man, it would probably be when men didn't listen to women when they say no. "Alright, just had to do it one more time, princess," Tre said before setting her down.

"No, you didn't," she replied, elbowing him hard in the chest once she was back on her feet. The hit was hard enough that he went stumbling back, but not hard enough in my opinion as he started laughing merrily and ruffled her hair while she huffed and swatted his hand away.

A boy looked up at the sky and I wondered if I should duck away, but he didn't notice me, instead he noticed the huge moon peeking over the buildings. "Oh, shit, what time is it guys?" The boy exclaimed, looking around the group. The white female leaning against the wall took out her phone and checked the time, the light of the phone casting awkward shadows across her long thin face.

"Uh," the girl said, blinking at the sudden blast of light from her phone stunning her for a moment, "almost seven, why?"

"Oh my god!" The boy cried, a hand going to his head as he let out a loud groan. "I'm so dead, I was supposed to be home thirty minutes ago for my dad's dinner party. Shit! Guys I gotta go." He hugged his two guy friends and the girl standing next to Tre before he kissed the girl leaning against the wall goodbye.

"Bye, Mark," his friends called after him as he ran after the alley.

"His father is so gonna kill him," the girl against the wall said.

The other girl laughed again, "Shut up, Sydney." She laughed again, "His father is just gonna give him the infuriating puppy eyes and the silent treatment, you know that."

Sydney and the boys laughed with the girl, "Yeah, you're right, princess."

The girl gave Tre a look, "Dude, if you keep calling me 'princess', I'm gonna knock your teeth out and you know I can."

At her words I smirk. She didn't make it sound mean, just playful, but I could tell she was being serious. Though, her friend again just rolled his eyes and bent down so that their eyes were on the same level. "Fine," he whined, "Sheila."

"Shea!" Sheila snapped and cupped her hands around his neck, gently throttling him, "Ahh! You are so infuriating."

Tre laughed with her while Sydney and the other boy gave each other looks. "Guys, if you don't kiss right now I'm gonna smash your faces together," the boy said, taking a threatening step closer. "Just a peck," the boy continued, taking another small step towards the two.

I rose my eyebrows up and hummed as I watched them. Maybe this would give me a show... I folded my arms and placed them on the edge of the building. What the hell, watching these teenagers would be the closest thing to television that I would be able to get with my appearance being so... pleasant.

I chuckled at my own personal joke slid my mask off so I could better see what the teens were doing. I had nothing to do anyway. No harm just watching them, right? It would take a while for my body to get relaxed again, anyway.

Tre threw his arm around the waist of Shea and pulled her lower body to his, making her go stiff and lean away from him while Tre leaned in for a kiss she wouldn't give him. He started to make kissy noises and slid his other hand up her back, pressing her foreword.

"Tre," Shea giggled nervously, planting a hand over his lips as his face crashed into hers. I let out a disappointed sigh, Tre couldn't seem to get the hint. Tre leaned back, releasing her to swipe away her hand from his mouth. "You little ho, I would never kiss you." Shea said, hitting her shoulder into Tre's, smiling to show she was just being playful and trying to ignore the fact he just tried to kiss her and failed.

However, their other two friends were laughing at Tre, Sydney patting Shea on the back for putting her hand up while Tre's friend jabbing him in the side, snickering. It seemed like normal teenage thing, to me at least. But as Tre angrily shoved his friend away and spun back around to face Shea I let my eyes narrow again.

However, the group didn't seem nervous and instead of looking doe-eyed and taking a step back, like I expected Shea to at Tre's sudden explosion, she merely rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, head tilted slightly. "Oh, what? Did I kill your ego?"

"Why won't you kiss me?" Tre asked, mimicking Shea as he crossed his arms and exaggerated her head tilt.

Shea couldn't keep a straight face and smiled, shaking her head. "Because you'd brag about it and then at the end of the week I'll find out that I apparently also had sex with you and am now pregnant because I can find that out in just one week."

I chuckled at this, finding it highly amusing. She had a mouth.

Tre tsked and huffed, looking away from her. "It's cause I'm black, ain't it."

I stared at Tre and tried to decide if he was being serious or not, he sounded serious, but his body language didn't scream offended or defensive. I decide I don't like Tre.

Shea throws up her hands, "Yes, yes it is Tre. You caught me, I'm racist. That is the only reason I could ever have for not wanting to kiss my best friend."

Sydney spoke up, "Obviously, racist skank." Sydney shook her head, a big smile on her face.

The other boy spoke up too, "I knew there was something off about you Shea, see that Tre, I was right. Shea is racist."

Tre sniffs, "I knew it."

What confuses me is that they are all smiling, as if they just shared some great joke. I didn't get it and I was even more confused as they all burst out laughing. I watched them settle down and Shea lean on the wall next to Sydney.

"Yeah, like Shea could be racist," the unnamed boy said, shaking his head. "Just think of that for a second."

Sydney snorts, taking a long puff of her seemingly almost forgotten cigarette, "Yeah, and penguins can fly, Michael. I can't picture it." She reached over and pinched Shea's cheek. "Not my goody two-shoes."

The other boy, Michael, laughed and then hit Tre's arm, "Dude, Mark had a good idea, look at the sky." They all looked up and I noticed that the last of the day was gone and the moon was now up. It had been my luck that they stayed under the alley light that I could even see them. I looked back down to see Michael tug on Tre's sleeve, "We gotta go, dude."

"Yeah," Tre agreed, looking back at the girls and opening his arms. "Come and get me ladies."

The girls laughed at pushed themselves off the wall. "Yeah, yeah, the real ladies man," Sydney chuckles as she goes in for a hug, then Shea. However, Tre doesn't let Shea go, instead he knocks her legs from under her, causing her again to scream that shrill scream that sends my body to high alert, even though I'm looking and seeing that she isn't in any kind of trouble, and scoops her into a bridal style hug,

She smacks his chest, clearly angry, "You're so mean! Dude! Ugh." She let her head fall back and I tilt my head as I watch her take in a deep breath to steady herself. I advert my gaze as I notice that the cloudy that have conveniently covered the moon to keep me hidden in shadow part, washing me and the kids in the alley in a pale blue color. I look back at the girl to find that she has spotted me and I instantly remember that I don't have my mask on.

I stiffen, expecting her to do something like scream or react to the fact that she can probably see my burned face, just like I can tell she is still blushing from Tre holding her bridal style. But she doesn't do what I expect her to do, no, she startles me. She smiles and waves, catching the attention of her friends who follow her gaze. But they are too late as clouds cover the moon again and cast me back into the shadows.

Even so, the girl stares at where she saw me, her smile turning into a frown as Tre says something. I don't hear it though, there is a pounding in my ears. It's my heart. It beats hard and fast. It takes me a minute to realize that I'm scared. I release a breath I didn't know I was holding and shake my head.

"Kids," I mutter, turning away from the alley and the girl who smiled at me. I put my mask back on and place my flashlight back in my belt before I hastily scoop up my bag and get the hell away from this part of town.