One early morn' the young girl sat

All wrapped up warm, her face pressed flat

Against the frosted window pane,

Staring out across the rain

Into the woods that lay between

Her cottage house and sights unseen.

She often wondered to herself

'What lay there, deep inside?'

She asked her parents that today,

Although, she knew what they would say,

'You children must not venture in,

For you will anger Taggarin.

It's burning eyes, so big and round.

It stalks its prey without a sound

And when you think that you are safe

From Taggarin, it quickens pace.

It swipes with tail, it bites with teeth,

It pulls your legs from underneath,

It lifts a hand and vicious claw

And spills your blood on forest floor.

You stay at home, don't venture out,

Who knows when Taggarin's about?'

There was no beast beyond, she knew

The stories told were not so true.

They tell her tales like that to scare,

To keep her from what's really there.

There's no such thing as monsters, so

What lay there, deep inside?

So that night, whilst her parents slept,

She took her pack and quietly crept

Out of her room and round the cat,

Put on her boots and coat and hat,

And stepped outside into the gloom,

No light cast from the hidden moon.

Tonight she journeys out to find

What lay there, deep inside.

The darkness clung to every tree,

The path ahead so hard to see,

Yet still she strode into the woods,

Her footsteps making gentle thuds.

The further she pressed on inside

No longer did the light reside

And louder now the creaks and groans,

The breath of her new forest home.

The wind blew cold, it chilled her back,

She reached, with haste, into her pack.

She grabbed the torch, turned on the light,

Illuminate the forest night.

She swept the beam around to see

What lay there, deep inside.

The leaves did rustle as they swayed,

But no foul creature did remain.

No ghouls or goblins in her sight,

No Taggarin now bathed in light.

'My mind is playing tricks, I see.

There are no dangers stalking me.'

So, on she went, to find the truth,

'What lay there, deep inside?'

The child walked on, but then grew tired,

Curious wonder now expired.

She rubbed her nose, that had turned red,

Wishing she was warm in bed.

'Why would they be hiding things?

And make up tales of Taggarin's?'

The forest here was old and wrecked,

There's nothing here from her they kept.

No Taggarin (well, obviously),

But nothing else that she could see.

Just trees and cold and darkness, that's

What lay there, deep inside.

Retracing steps, she headed back,

Along her boot-made winding track

And from the clouds the moon appeared,

Its light came down and shadows cleared.

The creaking sounds, they did not stay,

He dread began to fade away.

The moonlight showed the beauty of

What lay there, deep inside.

As she strolled amongst the trees,

Huddled up against the breeze,

Upon the path ahead she saw

A thing that was not there before.

Footprints there, between her own,

But prints of what, it was unknown.

Shaped long and wide, a wolf-like paw,

On every toe a pointed claw.

Then from behind, a rustling sound.

Heart beating fast, she turned around.

'Could this truly be the thing

What lay there, deep inside?'

Within the darkness, crouching low,

It held a blood-red fiery glow.

Not one, but two, two eyes so deep.

Not large, but small. Not round, but sleek.

Its scales were blacker than the night,

Its toothy grin was clenching tight, each claw was like a sharpened sword,

Its swishing tail was flat and broad.

It circled twice around the child

Left deep within this wooded wild.

As fear took hold, she stood there, prone,

Feeling, truly, so alone.

'Will I die here while no one knows

What lay there, deep inside?'

The beast then moved in for the kill,

And who knows if by luck or will,

The child threw the torch ahead

And hit, not ground, but beast instead.

The creature stumbled to the ground

And made a bird-like wailing sound.

She chose a path, just on a whim,

And ran away, away from him.

She ran so fast she thought she'd burst,

But wondered who would get there first.

Would she get home and live this day?

Or would the beast retrieve its prey?

When worried she could run no more

She saw ahead her cottage door.

She'd reach the forest's outer rim

If she could stay ahead of him.

Out of the woods, she bolted through

Her cottage door, and locked it too.

Now safe at home, and breathing deep,

She went to bed to get some sleep.

But sleep was what she could not do,

Because of what she'd just been through.

So every night, within her room,

She stared outside into the gloom,

Keeping vigilant just in case

The Taggarin should show its face,

For now she knew, without a doubt,

What lay there, deep inside.

This tale is fiction, so it's said,

Made just to fill a child with dread,

But many times they often do

Reveal themselves to then be true.

If that's the case, then listen well

And ask yourselves 'How can I tell,

As I sit here and read these words,

What lay thereā€¦just behind?'