Foolish, I fall from grace and embrace for deep impact.

"How could you be so naive and careless?" you ask me. I wish

I could give you an answer and rebuild our broken bridges. Born to

die and die to live, I can't survive in this condition. You can't

revive, save or change me. Please just let me dig my own grave.

Things will get better for us. I apologize if I deceive you with this

lie again. Worthless, I have accepted the fact that my life is a hot mess.

My fate is real after all. Purgatory, it is something more than I could

ever conceive or believe in. Trapped in a place between heaven and hell, my mind is

a chaotic circus. My beautiful iris, Angelus, you make me feel less lonely. You kiss me and hold me

tight as we sleep in sweet silent bliss. The darkness, it feels right and yet so wrong

at the same time. Sunlight breaks through the clouds and I am torn out of Lucifer's arms.

I am born again, therefore goodbye to bad dreams and misfortune. Stuck at a crossroads,

I am in and out of tune with you, Dawn. I fight for your love and trust twenty four seven.