The city is littered with destruction, suits and wounded fighters. The once a busy city, which has now become the stage of a ruthless battle. The air which would normally be packed with a wide array of city sounds is now thick with the stench of gunpowder, blood, gore and death, the mere sense of it will make you want to run. A sight of pure nightmares.

Two armies fight each other because of a betrayal but there's no hint of which side will win. The dead of one side lay in heaps across the city and the faces of the fighters are hopeful with weapons clenched in their hands and victory in mind, they fight their enemy in an equal battle, they push harder and harder on the enemy.

With a lack of confidence in a positive outcome the other side desperately fights their enemies without knowing which side is stronger. With no way to know if they'll live or die the other side battles their enemies head on in the hope to come out on top. Some have succumbed to terror and are no longer capable of moving, let alone defending themselves, while others can only think of home and what they left behind. Some bursting out in tears and screams.

The toll on both nature and humanity is tremendous. It'll likely take a lifetime before this city will have recovered. It's clear blood, gore and debris have taken the place of market stalls, parks and monuments.

I turn and see her: Zoe. Her wild black hair matted with blood was like a mane around her face. She stood tall and proud as several men surround her but make no advance - too scared to take this warrior on.

A terrible roar fills the air.

No. It can't be.

I turn and quickly fall to the ground, arms covering my head as the beast flew over me. Even in my heavy armor I could feel the wind from its wings. A dragon. The creature lands across from me, facing Zoe. The men flee. Zoe turns slowly, sword in hand.

Fierce ivory eyes sit wickedly within the creature's long, long skull, which gives the creature a savage looking appearance. Several enormous crystal growths sit atop its head, just above its enormous, pointy ears. Several small fan-like skin and bone structures runs down the sides of each of its jaw lines.

Its nose is long and has two short, curved nostrils and there are horns on its chin. Several huge teeth poke out from the side of its mouth and show a glimpse of the terror hiding inside.

A muscular neck runs down from its head and into a huge body. The top is covered in wide scales and rows of spikes runs down its spine.

Its bottom is covered in narrow scales and is colored much lighter than the rest of its body. Four muscular limbs carry its body and allow the creature to stand proud and illustrious. Each limb has 5 digits, each of which end in long talons seemingly made of stone.

Slender wings grow starting from its shoulders and end at the middle of its back. The wings are almost butterfly-like, the edges of the skin inside the wings are tattered and damaged and sharp hooks grow from the endings of each bone.

Its barbed tail ends in a curved talon and is covered in the same wide scales as its body. When I approach the tail suddenly moves, hitting me full force and throwing me aside.

I heard a battle cry, a roar, the crashing of a sword and... Oh God. The sound of flesh being ripped apart...

I could feel someone grabbing me, pulling me from the scene. I could hear my name being called but...

Blackness consumed me.