HAVEN : A resistance force put together by Ana Rumaku. The objective - save humanity. The population is in more need of supplies. But living on a planet that can not supply these necessities, the government looks to population control. They decide to eliminate the outer cities, a place they call the 'slums' for its poverty. The resistance force, apart of the outer cities, will stop at nothing to ensure the truth is revealed to the inner cities. Nomura Takahiro, a member of HAVEN, finds plans that could prove the governments plans. He is intercepted and has to flee with the plans, accidently finding a lab called Dios where he meets a strange girl frozen. She calls herself project number 45. Her objective: To full fill the given mission.

Episode 1 : Project 45

"Target aquired." The man smirked and aimed the gun. "Fire."

The boy below held in his hand a brown leather bag full of secrets that could prove the corruption of their government. He held the truth, and he planned to expose what their real intentions were. The bullet fired, zipped passed him, skinning his left arm and ripping open the black jacket he wore around his shoulders. Out of breath, he ducked into an old building covered in mose and invaded with vine. Inside, was completely overgrown with wild life. He raced through the building and through a door with one word: Dios.

The door flung open as the boy raced for cover. He observed the room. It was full of test tubes. Not ordinary ones, these were bolted to the ground and large enough to store an entire person. Another shot fired and the boys heart sped with same speed. "Auh!" The bullet had gotten his leg. He fell to the floor, grabbing his calf as if bled. "Shit."

"Nomura Takahiro. The facility is surrounded. There is no where for you to run." A voice echoed off the walls of the abandoned lab. He looked around one last time to find something to aid him. Nothing. All that filled the room were test tubes and abandoned plans. There was nothing that could get him out this time. Another round of shots were fired when he refused to comply with demands. "You have one last chance before we kill you."

"I'd rather die than surrender!" He shouted back to the police. He'd rather die than give up so easily to them. More shots were fired on request and one of the glass tubes fell over, pinning him between it and the floor. His eyes widened when he saw what was inside. A girl. Small and of white hair. She slept soundlessly inside the perfectly sealed prison. More rounds were fired and the glass shattered. The girl slipped out and landed on his lap. "Holy crap. Are you okay?"

The girl of white hair opened her eyes to face what had become of the world. A boy stood above her, panicked, and holding her. Her body shook with its bareness. She sat up, listening to the sound of an internal voice. She stares blankly at him as more shots fire through the facility. He winces, and pulls back under the tables. Confusion makes its way to her face, though it does not show. A voice only she can hear scans the mysterious boy for answers. "Project 45 now online. Scanning life form. Currently in possession of Dios property." It says to her. She looks at the boy, then to the bag with the Dios symbol.

"You will be given one last chance before we bomb the building." The police voice warned. Takahiro cursed under his breath, looking behind him for a way out. All exits were covered in the mossy green of nature. His eyes settled on the girl, a strange being who stared blankly back at him.

The mechanical voice speaks on last time. "Currently no mission programmed." Her head tilts. She looks at the boy with a deepening gaze, scanning the outside of the facility. They plan to bomb this place, and she knows that. She stands. "Do you wish to live?" She asks him with the same mechanical voice that is in her head.

Takahiro nodes frantically. "Yeah!"

She looks out at the police who have surrounded the building. A bright light illuminates the surrounding area as armor materializes onto her pale skin. Within her hand, a new gun. She aims it forward, scanning all life forms other than herself and the boy she decides to protect. With one pull of the trigger, all life on the outside disintegrates. None of them can make a sound before their existence is completely wiped out. She puts the gun back to her side. "Target status: Eliminated."

The boys eyes widen at what she has done. He looks over the counter to see the ash of police who once were. Immediately, he becomes frightful. Who is she? Before he can even ask this question, her hand reaches out to his, and tugs him out of the facility. They make it to the wooded area, but the boys terror does not cease. "What the hell did you do?" He whispers under his breath, taken back by what he'd just seen. The girl looks down at the facility and points to it. Takahiro looks that way, but sees nothing but the facility he found her in. "What are you?"

Now with the question rephrased and her strength increasing, she tells him the answer. "I am Project 45 of the Dios facilities lab. The Atrium project designed to construct artificial lifeforms to fight in combat. Objective: to full fill the given mission."

He looked at her with a little bit more understanding, but still grasping the concept. "You're...artificial life? But wait, what about the others?"

"Atrium project was shut down and abandoned, as was Dios labs."

"That so? By who?"

"Records suggest the government."

"Really?" Thinking it could have something to do with the corruption. "What is your current mission."

"There is not one assigned."

"Could I give you one?"

45 thought a moment. "According to protocol it is necessary to be assigned a mission."

"Then join me. The government is corrupted with power, and I'm going to stop them."

"Clarify the mission details."

"These plans." Showing the bag as he explained. "They have the answer to mankind's problem."

The mysterious girl looked at the bag. Her eyes flashed with a light as she began to scan it with far more detail. "These plans do not belong to you." After careful scanning she knew exactly who the plans belonged to. The man that created her, doctor Ren Takamoru.

Takahiro did not bother with the details over its contents or the girls strange knowledge on the subject. Instead of waiting around for backup to arrive, he grabbed her hands and raced along the trees. As they moved, the noise of an engine buzzed and resonated as it hovered above the trees. "Get on!" A boy, about his age, called from the helicopter. A rope met face with Takahiro as he grabbed the girl and kept the bag close to his side. With a tug of the rope, they were pulled up and into the machine.

The boy was at first going to ask Takahiro if he had the plans, but that went on immediate halt as he saw the monotone expression of a girl on the ground. Her hair, pure white and straight along her sides, and red eyes with no signs of human emotion looked up at his. He noticed that by her side, tightly fastened there, was a strange looking gun. "Taka, who is this?"

"I found her in Dios. Get me leader, she's going to want to see this." And they did just that, bringing the girl with them to their leaders quarters. The helicopter was large, large enough to store about 100 personal. It had many rooms aboard, and a bridge for command. As they walked along the hallways of the building, the girl looked about the strange place with her glowing red eyes, until they reached the leaders quarters. They walked in, bowed before their commander, and introduced the girl. "This is project 45."

Their commander, a tall woman with long blond hair, stood to look at the girl. She became puzzled with the given name. "Project 45?"

"I am Project 45 of the Dios facilities lab. The Atrium project designed to construct artificial lifeforms to fight in combat. Objective: to full fill the given mission." The white haired girl said with the same mechanical voice she spoke with before. No emotion would pass through those lips. And, it was a given that no emotion would ever pass. She was artificial, not real or fully constructed. Just an empty shell.

"Dios?" The commander tilted her head and observed with a keen eye. "What do you mean artificial life?" The girl did not speak further. "What is your mission?"

"Mission status: To prove the corruption of the government and to solve mankind's problem." The mechanical voice explained vividly.

"That so?" Commander crossed her arms, making a stance. "Why?"

"Nomura Takahiro voiced the command. I am to serve the given mission." The mechanical voice spoke without stutter.

"Serve the given mission? What exactly do you mean?"

The one with white hair, given the name 45, pointed to boy she first laid her eyes on. "Project 45, synthesized by Ren Takamori with the sole purpose to complete the given mission. This product lacks all human emotion and basic function in order to achieve that goal."

"Lack human emotion?" Commander drew her eyes over to Takahiro. "Where did you find her?"

With more confusion, and blankness, he answered, "Dios."

"Dios: Facility lab created by Ren Takamoru in order to create a solution to mankind's problem." 45 explained. "Project Atrium was designed to fight in combat. That plan quickly changed when the government's plan did as well. The current objective: Restore the population to its homestead."

"Really? And just what is this homestead?"

"The current location of humanity: Far outreaches of space, Launch district. Homestead location:-" The audience waited in anticipation as the girl scanned for the origin of humanity, "Earth."