Episode 3 - Corruption and 47

A girl, tinted blue hair and mismatched eyes, one orange and the other blue, sat in a chair. Her legs thrown over the edge, crossed, and a deadly smirk crawled onto her face. The room she sat in was bare of all color, and void of all furniture, besides the one chair. Cement filled the floor and bars lined the walls. As she sat there in a prison, she giggled to herself. "To think they thought they could keep me here. Shameful for them" She spoke.

A woman stood at the other side of the bars. "We are offering a chance. Isn't your only purpose to fulfill the given mission?"

The deadly smirk softened. "Depends on what that mission is. Do you plan to give me one?"

"That is the plan. When we found you, you were still offline. According to your programming; you will follow the person that gave you the mission to the very end"

"Ah. So, you found me all those years ago and now all of a sudden you bring me a mission? I see. Then answer me this: who can't you beat?"

The woman glared at her. "It isn't a matter of who we can't beat. The leaders do not want someone with more power. It looks like the resistance front, HAVEN, has found one of the 47 projects created by Ren Takamoru. And, you will fight this project so that group doesn't interfere with our plans"

"Another one? I was under the impression the government destroyed all of them, but me" The girl sat up, looking at the military worker with her glowing mismatched eyes through the bars of her holding cell. "Could it be some are still alive?"

"It was reported that four survived. Fortunately, project number 44 was reported to have malfunctioned. 45 never went online and 46 went missing. Our organization predicts that the project HAVEN has is number 46"

"Oh. How can you be so sure? Could it be that 45 went online?" She grinned. "We numbers have a way of knowing things. 44 is gone. 46 is online, but the location is unclear. And 45 just went online. I think, you found number 45"

"How can you know that?"

47 pushed off the bars and stood on her chair. She crossed her arms, fell back onto the top of the chair back and crossed her legs. "I am programmed for a lot of things. Just sitting here, I can connect into your network. That's how I know you plan to kill everyone in the outer cities. And you think that plan will save the small piece of humanity you have left. Cut down the population, supplies can be distributed to the people. Its a great plan, unless you account for the future"

The woman glared at her. "You are only a fake. Keep your opinion to yourself. Now, are you in or out?"

47 closed her eyes. "If I were to say out. You would kill me. However, if I say in, you would reprogram this 'mission'. Is my only purpose to kill one of my own?"

"Your purpose is to fulfill the given mission. The same as the other projects made by that crazy doctor" She held out her hand, gesturing to a man to step forward. "He will be your partner. You will obey everything he commands of you"

47 nodded. "Guess so. Do you know how to program one? I ask the question. Now, do you wish to live?"

The man looked at her with a curious expression. "Of course" He replied.

She grinned. 47 spoke again, "what sort of mission would you like me to fulfill?"

"Eliminate the remaining numbers and help us get rid of the outer cities" The man explained.

A smile found its way to her face again, but this time far more fiendishly. "Of course" Her eyes glowing.

HAVEN members sat around in the meeting room. Ana, Shougo and Hina stood at the front. Takahiro and 45 stood beside each other at the side of the room. "Their next attack will be in district 9. This time we're going to save them" Ana said with a glare at number 45. "Nomaru, you understand the plan, right?"

Takahiro nodded. 45 tilted her head. "What do you achieve by completing all of this?"

Hina glared at her. "Don't you get it? The military is killing us. We're not just going to let them do it!"

45 nodded. "Of course. But after you save district 9, what is the probability they come back to complete their plan?"

Before Hina could retort, Ana stopped her. "Our purpose is to save our own people. If you can't understand that, then just complete your mission and we'll complete ours"

"That said" Shougo stepped forward, his hands behind his back. "Everyone knows their position. We'll head out at 15 hundred hours"

The group nodded, stood up and left. Their meeting was put to an end and they went to prepare for their attack. 45 took Takahiro's hand and pulled him into the hallway. "What is it, 45?"

"This plan. Do you really think it will work in the end?"

"We have no other choice. If we don't fight back they'll just kill us" Takahiro replied, leaning against the wall.

45 looked at him. "What about you? Before you told me that you were from the inner cities. If you're so worried about death, why not return?"

Takahiro put his head down. "Its not as simple as that. I can't go back"

"Why is that?" Her face close to his.

He pulled back from her. "Because. It that's just how it is" 45 looked away and down the hall. "Hey, instead of calling you 45 all the time, why don't you pick a real name?"

45 looked back at him. "A real name? 45 is not a real name?"

"Ah, no. Not really, its more like a number." 45 nodded. "So, how about it? Why don't you pick out a name?"

"Me?" She looked down at the ground. "I can not think of one"

"Huh? Well...then I guess I could..." His face blushed red as he said those words. 45 read the new emotion, but could not place a name to it. "How about...Akira?"

She tilted her head. "Why Akira?"

"Uh, well, thats because..." His face brightened even more. "Don't laugh, okay?"

"I do not have that ability"

"Huh, oh, yeah...well, thats because, its my sisters name. And, you remind me of her"

"How so?"

"Just...you look like her a bit. Anyway! We should get in position for the fight in district 9" Takahiro reminded.

45, Akira, nodded. "Are we participating in the battle?"

"Yeah. Does that still work? You know, if I take orders from someone and then give them to you?"

Akira nodded. "Of course. As long as the voice command comes from you, it is acceptable"

"And you don't mind? Like, you say you'll only take orders from me, but, why is that?"

"Program. My choice. Depends on which one comes first" Akira closed her eyes, red. They were glowing, but not even she understood why.

Since she awoken in Dios, she only knew one thing, her objective. The rest of the details were not in her memory. As for if there were other projects there other than her, she couldn't tell. Right now, she could tell something was up. Something wasn't right. Almost like something was trying to communicate with her, almost like it was tracking her down. But the source of the communication was unclear, as was the connection. Whatever it was that tried to find her was not making it through to her completely.

"All personal to battle stations" Ana shouted over the intercom.

HAVEN personal got to their battle stations, some at command, some at communication, and some at the actual battle front. Hina and Shougo got into their mech, all but Yuu. Hina stared solemnly at the yellow mech, empty and destroyed. Then she focused her attention onto Takahiro and Akira who stood there. Akira made no attempt to show emotion, but Takahiro felt some blame for what happened to Yuu.

"Get in" Hina ordered. They both climbed in and waited for Ana's further command to launch them to district 9. Akira noticed that their enthusiasm was no longer present. But it didn't appear as if they were frightful either. She couldn't figure it out. It was almost as if, they were reluctant to fight, but still knew it was for the better, never at all showing their hesitation to go into a war zone.

Ana sat in her chair at the deck. Harshly, she whispered, "This time, you better help us" and ordered HAVEN to begin operations. "Lets go!"

Hina nodded, launching her mech down to the ground and into District 9. The people were, once again, spread out in lines as the police shot them down. One by one. Takahiro watched this, shakily taking his hand with Akira's. She knew this feeling. Fear. But he seemed to be the only one who felt it. Looking down at the people again, she caught her eye on something that made her focus. One person on the ground. Tinted blue hair and mismatched eyes. She knew this person, yet she didn't.

They got to the ground. "Begin the operation. Hina, Shougo, take out the officers. Everyone else on the ground, get the police away from civilians" Ana commanded into the radio. Hina nodded, but didn't respond.

The hatch to her mech opened and Takahiro and Akira crawled out. "Stay here until Ana gives orders. And this time, you better help us" The little redhead glared at Akira, who simply nodded.

Takahiro grabbed her hand and pulled her further into the bushes. "I've never been on the ground during one of their operations"

"Then where do you go?"

"I stay up in the command deck. I give out orders and keep tabs on the enemy" Takahiro explained.

They watched as another battle erupted. Police fired at the only two remaining mech bots, but they were taken down. Akira noticed this new position. They were not as cocky as they were before. But, one thing did stand between them and the prize. Just when everything seemed to be in their favor, project number 47 stood in front of them and the people. 47 tilted her head, softening her glare and grinning fiendishly.

"Using mech bots to fight in battle? Your group really is primitive" 47 laughed.

Hina watched her with a curious eye. "What the hell?"

"Ignore her. We're here to get district 9 out" Shougo reminded her through the radio.

She nodded, aiming her gun straight at project number 47 and shot. Her bullet zipped through the air and impaled 47 straight through the chest, but she did not fall back or lose balance. 47 tilted her head and sighed with disappointment. "So primative" She rose her arm up. A spark ignited within her palm and set off flames of blue. They spread rapidly like wild fire, but only seemed to burn Hina's mech.

"Hina!" Ana screamed through the radio. "Takahiro! Get her out"

Akira watched the radio curiously. "The situation must be diar. She never addresses you by your first name"

"Akira. We have to help Hina" Takahiro ordered, ignoring the point Akira made. She nodded, and stood up. For some reason her head hurt and she couldn't quite hear the mechanical voice in her head that gave her status.

Same as the girl with tinted hair. She winced as a static chirped through her ear drum. Then she grinned, laughing. "So, you brought the other one, did you?" The fire ceased, immediately disappearing. Hina watched as the girls expression changed from that grin to pain. "Where!"

"What the hell is wrong with her? Does she work for the military?" Hina called into the radio. No one had an answer.

The flames continued on. "If you're in danger she'll come out of hiding eventually!" Sadistic eyes of hers glowed. One orange, the other blue.

Akira paused as the static she heard ceased. Her eyes, both red, began to glow, and with every step she took the glow became brighter. Instinctively, a bright light illuminated around her as she summoned her armor again and the gun from the day she first received a mission.

HAVEN watched from the command deck, wide eyed. Her eyes were glowing deep red, her expression completely blank as she scanned the surrounding area. The mechanical voice in her head became audible again once the static had stopped. "Target aquired" It spoke. The target being the military, anyone not military was avoided. She shot the gun. Military and police all froze in their spots as they began to disintegrate into thin air. The girl with tinted hair began to laugh.

"You are here" She growled. "But where?"

Akira stepped forward, showing herself to the other with glowing eyes. She aimed her gun at her. "You. Project number 47 of Dios laboratories. What is your mission?"

She grinned. "To eliminate you and everyone else here. Fulfill the government's desires. I am to follow protocol. Follow the mission"

"Is that your objective?" Akira asked. 47 only grinned. "Your mission conflicts with my own. You are an enemy and I am to eliminate all factors"

"Really?" 47 turned to her completely. "And what is your mission?"

"Return to planet Earth" She answered.

47's grin faded away. She put her hands to her sides and frowned instead. "Same as the creator of all this. What you seek are answers, those you will find elsewhere, not here" She turned around from her and took a few steps forward. "Next time, I will not let you live. However, I am curious as to how you will achieve our original mission. I always wanted to know if there truly was a solution"

"Answer me one thing, then" Akira put the gun down as 47 turned to her. "Your expressions..."

47 grinned again, but calmly. "Emotion is not needed. Fear can not be felt. What I am is different from the original models. I am, as you said, the very last model that man ever made. I am programmed to feel one thing and one thing only" She bit her tongue, licking her lips as she savored the taste of her own blood. "The desire to kill"