Hato & Skat

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

"Please, Skat, seriously. Tell me this is just a bad joke."

Hatori 'Hato' Hanzo was staring at Will 'Skat' Skatterfield completely dumbfounded, the lit cigarette hanging from his thin lips.

The two of them couldn't have been more different.

Hatori was paleness and blackness personified. He had thin and severe features, alabaster skin, and jet black straight hair with a lock that had the clear purpose to cover his right eye. It was not a matter of being emo – he was just trying to hide his slight strabismus from the rest of the world. His eyes were grey and cold, piercing even from behind the big red-framed glasses he wore.

Skat, on the other hand, was colourfulness and enthusiasm personified. His messy hair was currently dyed sky-blue – toning down into aqua already – he had an enthusiast bright smile, well built athletic body, and he loved wearing patterned shirts, just like the one with little green palm trees on yellow background he was exhibiting now.

Yet, they had been best friends since highschool, and after moving to college things hadn't changed much.

What did they have in common?

They were both extremely popular – with girls, boys, teachers and whatsoever.
They were both extremely intelligent.
They both loved challenges.

But in that very moment something seemed to be cracking loudly between the two of them.

"It is not a joke, Hato, I've already told you." Skat removed the wild locks from his face with a gesture of his hand. He tried to sound sorry and apologetical – he knew he was being partly rude.

Hato let his black lock still on his eye instead while replying.

"It was supposed to be our holiday."

Hearing himself pronouncing those words was almost disgusting. He never acted jealous with his uncountable 'girlfriends', if they even could be called that way. Now he was being jealous with his best friend – and even a bit possessive.

"I know, I know" Skat was practically pleading him. "But this is my only week of holyday. I really want to go with you, but I really want to spend some time with her too. In September we're going to have exams and stuff, you know."

Hatori couln't believe what he was hearing.

"Well it's my only week of holyday too, if you'll excuse me!" he spat out, his tone dangerously edging towards a shrillness that was so not like him "And excuse me if the idea of spending it with you brooding around this new chick – Vania, Vera, what was her name anyway- " He was just pretending having forgotten it. His memory was virtually flawless, modesty apart.

"Viola. The name's Viola." Skat interrupted him to correct the name anyway.

Oh shit – this must be true love then.

"Excuse me if the idea of spending the holyday with you brooding over Viola does not enthusiasm me!"

"But it enthusiast me." Skat went for it again. "Please, Hato, really. You're my friend. You should be happy that I found a special person I want to spend the holyday with –and you should be more than happy that I want to introduce her to you, and spend the holyday together. With both the ones I love" Skat paced towards Hato, and grabbed his thin shoulders. "C'mon. The three of us. We'll have fun, I promise."

Hato had his own ideas of having fun in three – but those ideas certainly couldn't involve Skat and his new girlfriend.

"I hate you for putting it this way" he replied to Skat, while inspiring deeply from the cigarette. "How did you say the chick looked like?"

Hatori had not forgotten this. He knew that Skat simply hadn't mentioned it already.

"Please Hato. Could you make an effort and do not call her like that? Will you?" Skat was staring at him with concern in his eyes, those eyes the same colour of his hair.

"I promise I'll try." Hato nervously threw the cigarette away. "So go on. Description."

Skat's eyes went dreamy.

"So, she has this dark curly hair, and those big hazel eyes. She was wearing glasses when I met her at the conference for the first time. She's not very tall – average body I guess, and-"

"What the fuck!" Hatori interrupted him, incredulous. "Do you hear yourself Skat? This girl sound awful."

Skat laughed dazed.

"Do you hear yourself, Hato?" he retorted the question. "You still haven't met her, and you hate her already."

"This is not true." Hatori just said.

Actually, it was.


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