Hey Mom, It's me, Brian.

How've you been?

I know we haven't spoken for a while,

At least, not as friends.

Cause lately all you seem to see

When you look at me

Is the enemy

A relentless, churning force of negative energy.

And it's always directed right at you,

The victim in our story

And I'm just the villain

Out to get you,

To make you sorry

That you ever dared to care for me.

Go ahead admit it, I know it's true

I've been nothing but a disappointment all these years to you.

Man, if only you'd stopped with one child

Instead of two

Then we wouldn't even have this issue.

Ha, guess you screwed up.

Bet you wish you could go back in time

And stop yourself from opening that extra bottle of wine.

Oh, I'm sorry, was that too far?

I guess you're right.

After all, who am I to steal your spotlight.

I shouldn't get to be the only one spitting this rhyme

So go ahead mom, tell everyone about that time

That you lost all your trust in me,


Back to when I was sixteen

And I told that one little lie before I came clean?

Man, if I knew that was going to follow me

I'd have never crossed that line.

I mean after all what sixteen year old kid

Would lie to his mom?

Hell, that's as rare as finding a man in America named Tom.

So I admit, your mistrust is totally justified

And if I had known that that was the day your love died

I'd have stopped trying to make things right a long time ago,

Gotten on with my life and forgotten all this woe.

See, you and I, we're nearing the end of this ride,

And I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It's a life where I've closed the door on you

And you missed it all, because you couldn't stop staring in the rearview.

You've let the past consume you,

Beyond a shadow of a doubt,

And unless you can let go soon,

You won't make it out.