I walked out of the Febudil Guild estate. My two friends Zachary the Bearskull a brown bear and Zachariah the Vigilant a meerkat. We just finished a contract clearing a gold mine infested with giant centipedes. Thanks to Zachariah he detected them before the centipedes knew it. It was over before it began the centipedes were routed and the mines was safe.

Where are my manners my names Toffully a German Shepherd fang mouth. Fang mouths are skilled warriors our fangs can tear even the toughest hides. Regardless the miners guild gave us extra payment for our fast work. They also formed a deal with our guild. For a forsaken backwater of this city known as Cattlemen Minetown. It was called that as the city majority were bovine kin. The Febudil Guild was built in this city about a year ago. So building a reputation is the utmost importance.

Us clearing the mine was a great start. The three of us walked to the inn "The Drunken Bull and Frightened Meerkat" Zachary roared scratching his back. "I hate that name" Zachariah Spat. I patted his shoulder he eased up. We walked into the inn. I ordered a jug of hard cider. Zachary growled and ordered a flagon of stout ale. Zachariah asked simply for mint cordial. The barmaid gave us dirty looks and muttered under her breath. Zachary was not impressed with her attitude.

"Who cares tonight is our night" I smiled. The three of us laughed and sat at the nearest table. It took a couple of minutes until the barmaid a snow fox. Returned with our drinks. Zachary's are a race of clones. To avoid confusion they chose different names Zachius, Zachary, Zack, Zach, and Zachariah. Rumor has it they're actual human who challenge spirit animals to the death or challenge them to tricks and test. If successful they take the animal's form. We sat at the table and boasted our deeds of bravery and tactics in the mine. Many listened intently. We also encouraged the brave to apply to the guild.

And dealer to sign contracts with the guild. I think it was working though I'm sure we would have a lot of explaining to our guildmaster. Many Zachary's looked eager to join the guild. I'll give them credit for their determination. I was buzzed from the wine. Zachary ordered more beer after downing ten beers he gave his grizzly roar of intoxication until he barfed on the table. "That does it get outta here for the night you three" the Stork bartender said in anger and worry for our guild brother. Zachariah and I supported Zachary on each side. He growled protesting an angry grizzly is not a pleasant sight. We walked out the inn. It took a couple minutes to arrive back at the guild. Our guild master was waiting by the door. She was an alligator swordmaster. "Someone mind telling me why ten contracts appeared at my office.

She wasn't to happy about our drunk Febudil brother. She sighed and told us to get some rest. We nodded Zachariah lit his candle. Zachary collapsed on his bed. "Night Brothers" I whispered. They said good night sister back. It was a fun night and I was glad to call Zachary and Zachariah friends and Febudil brothers.

Hope you guys liked that furry tale!