Ma's world was a fear that was based on delusion.
Pa claimed it was true, but they showed me confusion.
So, when life would get bad, they'd push me to illusion.
And I'd hope it get better as I hurt from the fusion.

They put my head on the concrete.
Kicked the dust in the air.
Had me cry in my lonesome.
Told me God didn't care.

Ma's words raced through my mind as Pa put me in a bind.
They tossed me into the river just to prove eyes was blind.

This was the time they would act upon prattle.
Yes, that was the night I sunk into my shadow.

It was hurting to breathe in the waters embrace.
When I tried to think joy, I found fear took it's place.
Was I worth less than the choir? Was it all to save face?
Did the end of a lie make me seem a disgrace?

Worthless wishes had led me right to Pa's shrug.
Who needs a mother? I have myself to hug.

When the pain had rushed in me, I thought my organs would splatter.
I was consumed by the torment from my toes to gray matter.

So, If ever, you try to succumb to the fusion.
What your life will become is merely illusion.

If ever you try to spread round a delusion.
All that you offer our world is confusion.