So, to motivate myself to keep adding to my tumblr, I've decide to set a goal for myself. I'll be writing two one-shots, or one two-shot or three-shot every month. And tumblr quotas must have cool names, so I've even come up with a new tag: Short Story Saturday.

And so, without further ado, I present to you my first Short Story Saturday!

Check out that girl in the music club. You know, the innocent, naïve girl who always has a smile on her face and never breaks the rules. And the one who's never had any real friends.

Oh, sure, there are those girls. The ones who pretend to be her friends to her face and then snicker and laugh behind her back. The ones who land the lead spots in every school musical every. Single. Time.

Everyone knows they're using her. They need someone to accompany thier singing on the piano, after all, and she's good. Really good. They're toying with her becuase she's innocent and naïve and easily duped. And when they find someone better, they'll drop her like a used tissue.

She pours her soul out for them when she accompanies them on the piano every day at lunch. She gives her all the the music—to them—and they never bother to choke out a single "thank you".

Maybe I sound bitter. Maybe I am bitter. But seeing this girl being used in tis way and not even knowing what her so-called firends are doing just pisses me off to no end. All I want to do is walk up to them, give this girl the cold, hard, truth, and then help pick up the pieces.

But I could never do that to her. I would never be able to put her through the paiin of being stabbed in the back by your only friends. So I guess I'll keep watching until her "friends" break the truth to her, because I don't have the guts to.

I'm ashamed of myself.

Well, that was different from what I usually write. Oh, well.