A Father's Regret

I know it's been a long time since I last saw you

Your smile brighter than the sun at midday

Ever so cheerful with each passing minute

So innocent to the signs of me departing

With no intention of returning ever again

I didn't know that leaving would cause so much heartbreak

Not only for you, but for me also

Every birthday I regret not being there

Each ceremony I wasn't present at

For each lie I told you over the monthly phone call

I'm sorry for not being there to see you graduate

To see you grow up into the young man you are today

It fills me up full of shame and regret, never ending pain

Full of dark days and endless nights of drinking

Pondering if I can make up for the lost time

The lost time that I erased from your life

I call each day, wishing that you answer

But each time you answer, I hang up

Not knowing what to say

Except that I'm sorry

Sorry for not being there for you, son

Sorry for not attending your wedding

Sorry for not visiting your mother's grave and comforting you

And most of all, Sorry for not being a father

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