Lesbian Lesson
A Love Letter Lovelies Sequel

by C. M. Lacey


After dinner, the night continued with everyone gathering in Makoto and Kaede's room. Somewhere along the line, they all decided they wanted to drink, but of course all of them were High School students and Aiko had to please the masses and get the booze. Even though she told them over and over that she didn't drink, they seemed to ignore that. So feeling obligated to be the cool girlfriend, she got them all drinks from room service. As she was doing that, Sora was digging around in her purse for something.

"Chopsticks?" Yui asked.

"Oh no, not again." Makoto squeaked. "You want to play the King's Game, don't you?"

Aiko paid the waiter who bought up the drinks and joined the circle forming on Kaede's floor. After giving everyone their beers, she looked at Sora, who had a glint in her eye as she as already scribbling out numbers 1-8 on the chop sticks. The ninth one she wrote Osama (which means King) on it, and grinned deviously.

"That game was fun." Yui recalled. Apparently these girls had done something like this before.

"Um… I hate to sound like the adult here, but don't you think playing a drinking game is a bit much?" Aiko suggested, knowing full well how these games went. In university she was in many of them, and usually ended up naked.

"I'm with her!" Makoto chimed in. "Last time I had to kiss my sister. I'm still mad at you for that, Sora!"

"It was kind of hot." Kaede said in a soft voice.

The fact that the ultra-serious Kaede said something like that just made it all the more funny. It seemed that everyone else wanted to play the game, so Aiko and Makoto were forced to go along with it. Resolving herself to it, she decided that if she was going to play the King's Game, she'd bring back her uninhibited university self. They really didn't know what they were in for.

Sora mixed the chopsticks, picked them up by their ends so she hid the numbers. Then she reached her hands out and started offering them their stick. One by one, everyone grabbed one, making sure they hid their number. Once everyone had their stick, they looked at their numbers and waited for the King to emerge.

Hikaru was the first to announce herself as King. "Looks like you maggots are all under my control!" She joked.

"Please don't make me do something embarrassing." Makoto whined.

"Okay, let's start simple. Number Five must lick Number Seven's neck."

"That's simple?" Makoto groaned, and checked her number. A smile came to her face. "Ha!"

Everyone pushed their chopsticks into the center of the circle. Number Five was Kaede, and Number Seven was Mio. Hikaru immediately regretted that dare. Crawling on her hands and knees, Kaede went over to Mio, pulled her hair to the side, then took a long lick. She went from the collar bone to the ear. Mio quivered slightly, and everyone gave a gasp as just how erotic that was. When Kaede returned to her seat, Makoto gave Kaede a playful slap on the arm.

"A bit much, don't you think?"

"Was it?" Kaede blinked innocently.

"Drink and re-shuffle!" Hikaru ordered.

Everyone took a swig from the beer Aiko bought them and then they mixed the chopsticks up again. Aiko took a sip from the mint tea she was drinking from instead. Hikaru then took the sticks in her hand and offered them out like Sora had. Once again everyone took a stick.

"Yes!" Makoto stood up holding the King stick. There was a round of laughter at that. Kaede pulled Makoto back down as the girl scrunched her face trying to think of something cool. "Number Two has to switch bra's with Number Three."

There was a round of laughter from that. When they revealed their sticks, Shiho was Number Two and Uta was Number Three. A good five minutes was spent on the girls trying to undo their bra's from inside their shirts, trade them, and place on the new one still hidden from view. Everyone was laughing at them, Makoto even more so. For a girl who didn't want to play it, she seemed to be having a good time as the King.

"Ugh… this is tight!" Shiho groaned.

"Stop calling me flat chested in front of everyone!" Uta spoke with a red face.

"How long do we have to wear these?" Shiho asked.

"Until the end of the next round." Makoto decided. "But you can't put back on your bra."

"You're a tyrant!"

The game continued after another drink. This time Yui was King. "Umm… Number Six must tell everyone an embarrassing story or secret."

Child's play. Aiko just couldn't wait until she was King. She'd massacre them. Number Six was Kaede again. Everyone laughed that she had gotten picked twice.

"Something embarrassing…." Kaede thought. Apparently this would be a challenge. The girl didn't seem like she was the type to get embarrassed at much. And indeed she sat there and thought for a good long while. Everyone just laughed all the more at seeing her trying to come up with something, and it was to the point were they were looking at Yui to change the command. But then Kaede held up her hand, as if she had something. "My first kiss was with a Frog. I thought it would turn into a Princess, because I wanted it to be a girl, not a boy. Instead it just stayed a frog."

Instead of giggles there were a bunch of "awww"s from the group. Makoto hugged Kaede, as everyone took another drink and mixed up the sticks. When Aiko got her stick again, she swore as she missed her chance to be king once more. This time it was Sora.

"Number Eight must sniff everyone's crotch for half a minute."

"What?" Makoto protested. "No way!"

"Are you Number Eight?" Sora asked.

"No, but someone is going to be sniffing m-my-" Her face went pink.

"Don't worry Mako-chan." Kaede sighed. "I'm Number Eight."

"WHAT!" Nearly everyone shouted. Kaede really was getting it. Aiko couldn't help but fall over laughing at that. She wasn't the only one. Hikaru and Sora were in tears.

Ever the good sport, Kaede was back to crawling on her hands and knees starting with Makoto first. Her butt was in the air, so the more drunker ones among them started slapping it as she went by. When Kaede came up to Aiko, she noticed the serious girl's face was extremely red. If this order had came before the last, no doubt she would have said this as her embarrassing story. She ended with Yui and sat back next to Makoto, blinking a bit.

"Which one smelled the nicest?" Sora asked, pushing her reign as King to the limit.

"Mako-chan of course." Kaede said.

"Coward." Sora pouted. "Other than her, then."

There was a moment where everyone waited for the girl to respond. Then with a pink face she pointed at Aiko. Everyone squealed and Uta grabbed Aiko's arm and kissed her cheek. Blushing Aiko laughed along with the others.

"She's just saying that because she wants extra credit on the next assignment." Aiko teased.

"If I say it too, does that mean I get extra credit as well?" Uta asked.

"She already gets extra credit!" Yui shouted, as now that she was drunk she felt the need to speak louder.

After knocking back another drink, the game continued. This time Aiko got her wish. She was the King. She showed everyone her stick, and there was a mixture of groans and laughter from the group.

"Be gentle Sensei." Makoto pouted.

"Time for some skin. Number Four must strip Number One naked while quacking like a duck."

"Whaa-!" Makoto protested. "That's not nice at all!"

"That's how the game goes!" Sora giggled, then looked down at her sick. Her smile left her. "Shit. I'm Number Four."

"That's how the came goes." Makoto repeated in a sarcastic voice.

"Who's Number One?"

Without anyone saying anything, they all looked at Kaede, more as a joke. But she held her stick up again and there was another round of "No way!" and "C'mon, again!"

"Ozawa-san, if you like I can change the number." Aiko said, feeling a bit sorry for the girl.

"I don't want to punish anyone…"

"It's okay, you've already done three." Makoto said, and there was a general agreement there.

"Okay then, Number Two will take her place."

"No!" Uta wailed.

Aiko snickered a bit, but tried to look sympathetic. "Sorry Uta-chan."

Sora went over to her and started quacking. At first it was quiet as they watched her pull off Uta's shirt, but then it just became too funny with Sora quacking nonstop. By the time Uta was completely naked, everyone was cracking up so hard, even Uta couldn't help but laugh at it. Sora went over back to her seat blushing more so than Uta was. Her girlfriend gave her a fake angry look, and covered herself, though she had shown everyone everything.

"At least you don't have to wear my bra anymore." Shiho pointed out.

"Ha. Ha." Uta stuck her tongue out at her.

The game continued. Kaede became King.

"Remember, we all volunteered to take your spot." Mio was quick to point out.

"Odd Numbers are to french kiss the person on their left." Kaede said, as if she had that in mind for a while. "If that person is already kissing someone else, then go to your right."

It was a bit tamer than the last one, but then again, she did say to french kiss. Aiko was an even number so she had to wait and see if anyone was going to kiss her. Unfortunately it was Makoto.

"Sorry Uta-chan." Makoto apologized, but Uta was already getting tongue throttled roughly by Yui, so she didn't hear her.

They kissed, and Aiko had to admit that beside it being completely awkward that her student's tongue was in her mouth, it was a really good kiss. When she kissed back, Makoto was a bit surprised, but she accepted it. When Kaede called time, they all pulled away with a bit of nervous laughter. Apparently Kaede's order was a bit too sexy for some.

The next King was Shiho, who seemed a bit turned on after the last round. Aiko didn't see who she had kissed, but apparently who ever it was must have been good. Since she was tipsy, her order was similar. "Number five has to kiss everyone, then tell the group who was better. Whoever wins that, get's to be King without doing the random draw."

Kaede gave a sigh. Everyone burst out into laughter, the sexual tension having lifted just a bit.

"Again?!" Makoto asked. "No way! Come on, Shiho-chan, pick someone else."

"We already skipped her once." Shiho said, with a smirk on her face.

"But she has to kiss everyone!" Makoto whined.

"Why are you complaining, she'll pick you as the next King, guaranteed." Mio pointed out. Everyone knew she was right. Kaede was nothing but loyal to her girl.

"New rule!" Shiho announced. "Anyone but Mako-chan!"

"That's not fair!" Makoto complained.

"I'm the King, worm. You must obey me!" Shiho laughed.

Uta squirmed a bit and mumbled under her breath. "Why am I the only one still naked…"

Aiko smiled at her, then realized Kaede was going around the circle kissing everyone. Makoto looked more and more jealous with each girl. It was funny, but kind of sexy at the same time.

When Kaede got to Aiko, Uta nudged her and went "Give her the works, Aiko-chan!"

So Aiko did. Kaede seemed to respond to the kiss, and even took a second to recover before moving on to Uta. As payback, she glanced at Aiko and groped Uta's chest as protest. Aiko couldn't help but laugh at that.

"So who was the best?" Shiho asked after the round was finished.

"Sensei." Kaede said.

There was a round of applause and Aiko took a fake bow.

"So what's your order?" Shiho asked Aiko.

"Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to grab my naked girlfriend and fuck the shit out of her." Aiko said, making sure she said so in a dirty way. Uta squeaked and blushed. "So my last rule will be for everyone to get naked and have continue without us."

She stood up and pulled Uta by the arm on her feet. Then she started for the door. Uta squeaked again dragging her feet.

"Aiko-chan I don't have any clothes on."

"Then you better run if you don't want anyone to see you in the hall." Aiko giggled opened the door and pushed her out. She turned to the others and waved. "Have fun!"

"Damn! I wish she was my teacher." Sora gave a pout as Aiko shut the door behind them.

End of Part Four. End of Lesbian Lesson: A Love Letter Lovelies Sequel.

The End.