Yesterday, I put up a booth, of both balloons and kisses

By the third bench, of that park, a few steps from the well of wishes.

That became, the place where I, puckered up for many strangers

Instead of, the fateful place, where we first met each other.


I visited, that scarlet shop, to change the way I looked

I asked for bangs, to hide the spot, you kissed when I was blue.

I let them cut, my lengthy curls, to inches, two or three,

In hopes that I forget, the gently way, you tucked behind my ear.


I bring with me, always a book, that needed to be held.

So my hand, won't look for yours, like a hollow empty shell.

And I have bought, a dozen scarves, to wraparound myself

So I won't miss, your arms, your breadth and the subtle way you smell.


I quit the smokes, and lost the rasp, you say you always liked

So when I speak, I will not hear, my voice calling you mine.

Always at night, I fall asleep, right down the very center,

So if I wake up, maybe I'll forget, how you held me during winter.


I sang alone, under that lightpost, while onlookers dropped their dimes,

That became, my first performance, instead of, our last goodbye.

Now I can barely, recognize, this girl that plays my part.

Its all a waste, despite these ways, I could not change my heart.