She had three dreams, only one of which seemed at all attainable. To be a published author and be able to support her family with the earnings of her mind and hands; to become wealthy enough to help other who were struggling, and to be able to indulge her utter love of contra dancing, and to acquire voice and music lessons for her extremely gifted but overwhelmingly disadvantaged sister. There were smaller dreams, too, meeting in real life the best friend with whom she regularly video chatted, selling the bracelets she made to support her family.

There were the secret dreams, hidden ones, that she was too afraid to indulge even if they had any possibility of coming true. To be married, to have five children, to be queen of her own household. Fear and circumstances kept her back from pursuing that dream, and she was equally glad about it as sorrowful.

So she would sit, listening to recorded dances, and writing, and weaving another beaded bracelet, and half-listen to her sister, in the other room, singing, and she would dream.