[oo] cast

Dexter Brawl – the hothead
Cry Glätscher – the queen bee
Schläger Glätscher the poker player
Alexey Keibler – the ice skater
Jackie Safecracker – the nerd
Ryan Safecracker – the rock&roll guy
Zarys Stenbuck – the popular girl
Stacey Storm – the unrequited lover
Faith Synesis – the straight 'A' antisocial

Cast will be updated here if I add more characters.

Characters are all mine © Dragonfly.

Highschool background (mostly).

There is a connecting background story in this, and the characters' lives are intertwined. Nonetheless you can also feel free to choose the drabbles with the characters you like most if you just wish to read them randomly, I'll try to highlight the actors at the beginning of each drabble.

There's a poll in my profile to vote for your fav char :)

Have fun and please leave feedback :) Also I do accept prompts.