[1o] papers & butterflies (pt.1)

[Faith + Dexter]

Faith hated mid-morning break with a passion.

Whereas during the lessons it felt so natural to her to just stay secluded in a classroom listening to the professor and taking perfect notes, during those breaks staying in there made her look odd, like a fish out of water, while all the other students immediately stormed out the classroom as if they had been waiting that moment all the morning long.

Stupid bunch of headless chicken.

Today she had been forced to leave the classroom too, and she was running to the principal's office, precariously holding a considerable amount of papers. The professor had entrusted her this task – quite predictably, considering that she was his pupil.

If possible, the mess in the corridors that day was worse than usual. She kept her pace fast, trying to avoid everyone's gaze anyway, as difficult as it may be.

This must be because of those stupid events they keep organizing with students from other institutes.

"Hey Synesis! Say hello to Zarys! Haven't seen her in a while!"

Damn – I wasn't running fast enough.

Faith scolded, feeling obliged to turn back at least to take a quick glance to the unknown girl who had talked to her. She hated social interactions, and people talking and recognizing her just because of Zarys was nothing new to her. Actually she was okay with that – sometimes she even wished they didn't talk to her even if she knew Zarys.

But turning back in that chaos was fatal – the very moment her eyes weren't focused on avoiding people, she violently crushed into someone. The impact came quite unexpected and hard – was that a chest or a marble wall? She'd go for the chest hypothesis just because she thought she heard a suffocated 'ouch' apart from the one coming from her lips.

Faith found herself sprawled on the floor the second after. And along with her, the hundreds of papers she was carrying – her heart sunk when she saw them scattered in a range that reached three square metres.

Giving for granted that none was possibly going to help her, she bit her lower lip and started trying to gather the paper sheets back together – too bad everyone kept stomping on them, dragging them further from her.

Great. Just great.


Hope everyone's having a happy summer :) A special thank to MileyRowling for her support on my drabbles! There is going to be a pt.2 of this scene, probably in dex's pov. I like short drabbles - but I like this scene too much to let it just 300 words long ;) so stay tuned!