I remember it all my love-

I remember summer rain.

Walking home from school and noticing you walk past-

Three times.

I remember flowers on my doorstep.

Their vibrant colours with hidden meanings

But no note.

I remember lingering.

Lingering outside classrooms, sporting fields, houses.

Mine and yours.

I remember a passed note.

Will you be my girlfriend? Yes/No?


I remember a picnic.

With peanut butter sandwiches

And an awkward handshake at the end.

I remember a kiss.

A warm, soft, first time kiss.

Then running away.

I remember a school dance.

With stale cupcakes, chaperoning parents

And sweaty palms.

I remember sitting with friends.

Laughing and joking and teasing

While secretly holding hands.

I remember getting licenses

Going to buy food because we could

And making out in the back seat.

I remember the first time.

In a park at midnight

Whispering I love you when it was over.

I remember wild fights

Yelling and swearing

And make up sex.

I remember graduation.

Being so proud

And so scared.

I remember distance.

595 kilometres of it.

Fighting to stay in touch.

I remember phone calls.

Loving and angry ones

And the one that ended it.

I remember coming home.

Degree under my belt

And my heart on my sleeve.

I remember jealousy.

Seeing the new girlfriend

And maybe pushing her into a bush.

I remember heated words.

Blaming and judging

And a kiss.

I remember the fallout.

She hit's like a boxer

And I lick your wounds.

I remember a proposal.

Words of undying love and devotion

And saying no.

I remember a second.

Words of passion and excitement

And saying no- again.

I remember a passed note.

Will you be my wife? Yes/No?

Yes- you wonderful man. Yes.