I see nothing on the horizon, bar the shining of the dawn.

A great blue star is rising, to spark an alien morn.

The blood of yesterday's sadness runs clearly from my eyes.

This is a dreary madness for what the species dies.

I see nothing in the expanse, not a shadow or a shine.

Not the wizard and his rants, or his liquids into wine.

Just a darkness meets my gaze, and it gazes stoically back.

My belief was just a phase; My conviction starts to crack.

I see right into the mind of all my mortal kin,

And the views of all my kind are bundled up with sin.

There is no evil there, just the freedom of our will.

It's our resolve that we should share, for good or for ill.

I see several floating shimmers, opaque and aglow.

Each one uniquely glimmers; a spectacular light-show.

Yet those others that were lost to the wizard's warring bands

Vanish, at such cost, into Time's uncaring sands.