Beyoncé the Magnificent

Nicki the Great

RiRi my patron saint

Three defining queens of five generations

Only dynasty truly ordained by the People

Yes, we the People

We the People

Be free

Represent the People

Money is speech

Free speech is sacred

Take this cash

And teach us how

To religiously love ourselves

Every album a sacred rite

Worth every penny to reach your light

We masses know

Money makes the world go round

You three are big for a reason

Little girls walk with confidence

Chanting: I'm the Boss

Proud of their brown and working for a crown

Ambition so thick

Imagination healing the sick

It's us young girls, young women

Inventing cures for the old world's ills

Beyoncé, Nicki, Rhianna

For those who say:


I pray:


Let them eat cake

Over our celebration that the worlds has seen

That we are sexual intelligent beings

Our humanity trumps their bigotry

Three Wise Queens

Shining bright

Bless us this night

You cry sacrilege

I say open your eyes

The olds gods are out

And we are fervently devout

I'll hear no lies

From a society where our black and brown

Get shot down

Shut out

And forgotten

Peace be with you

Who forget that your old white ass

Once dead, don't matter

Our culture is rising

More educated than your fathers

And also with you

Take to the grave

Your hate

Your pessimistic outlook

Accept that fate has chosen against you


Beyoncé the Magnificent

Nicki the Great

RiRi my patron saint

We'll walk to the light

A dawning age

You made this system

Glorified dollars over daughters

So now the reigning three

Have come to collect

Nicki preaching:

Stay in school kids

Get that degree kids

Make me proud

I'm so proud of you

Bey a dynamite, business savvy, self-made

Champion of the people

Need only say your name to purify your soul

Saint to the saints

Rhianna gets me laid

A true wild child

Never meek or mild

Leading the era of female sexual satisfaction

Conspiracies say illuminati

Idiots afraid of the female body

Working twice as hard as any man

Four times as hard as any rich man

Excelling in their art, man

You angry you not a part, man

Bey the Mother

Nicki the Daughter

Rhianna the Holy Spirit

Bless us this day

For the People have spoken.