Sami moans as Tyler lays on top of her on her bed. It feels so good inside of her. Tyler continues to drive into her as her finger nails digs into his back. On the outside Tyler just grunts and does what is expected of him. On the inside he thinks to himself "Yeah, take it bitch, take it." As he continues he hears a meow. Turning his head, he sees Sami's cat, Starr, watching them as it stands on Sami's beside table. Pausing, Tyler stares at it; the cat stares back.

"Wait Tyler, don't stop, I haven't finished yet..." Sami pants.

Tyler grunts a reply and turns back to her before continuing, faster and harder than before. Sami continues to moan softly until she finishes. After he finishes, Tyler gets off of her and sits down beside her. Tyler then looks over at the cat as it continues to stare at him. Standing up, Tyler goes over to the cat and picks it up. The cat purs as Tyler strokes it.

Tyler then looks over at Sami's new shelf that was mounted to the wall. Looking down, he sees a hammer lying on the floor. An evil smile then spreads on his face before Tyler walks over to it. With the cat still in his hand, Tyler bends over a picks up the hammer. After looking at Starr again, he puts the cat on the ground. Squatting down beside her, he puts his hand on the back of her neck in order to keep her in one place. He then slowly raises the hammer before bringing it down on Starr's skull. The cat screeches in pain before falling limp.

Tyler laughs before continuing to savagely beat it. First there is a crack. Then its blood splatters out, spraying onto Tyler's chest. Then its brains flies in all directions, with some of it ending up on the floor, the wall, the head of the hammer, and on Tyler's face.

Sami's eyes slowly open as she hears the noise. Sitting up in her bed, she looks over at Tyler and can only see him sitting with his back to her.

"Tyler?" she murmurs, sheepishly.

There is no response. Squinting her eyes, she sees that he is leaning toward the ground.

"Tyler?" she asks again.

Slowly, Tyler sits up and turns to her. There is blood around his mouth. A smile creeps on his face, exposing blood stained teeth.

Sami's eyes widen as she stands up and makes her way toward him. She freezes when she sees her dead cat. "

Starr..." she begins before screaming.

Tyler just sits there and blinks several times as he hears it. She then bursts into tears.

"How could you? You... you... monster..."

Tyler laughs evilly and he rises to his feet. Pointing the hammer at the bed, he says: "Get back into bed, Sami."

"No..." Sami says, shaking her head.

Tyler throws the hammer at her. Luckily, Sami has the good sense to duck. The hammer flies over her head and punches its way into the wall, creating a hole before falling to the ground. "Get back into the damn bad!" Tyler screams.

Sami nods before getting into bed and sitting down. Tyler then squats back down before picking up Starr's corpse and standing back up. He then tosses the cat's corpse beside her feet. Sami flinches as it lands.

"Now I want you to finish eating the cat..."

"I won't!"

Tyler walks over to her and slaps her across her face. Sami cries in pain and surprise before staring at him. Tyler stares back. Slowly, Sami nods and bites into the cat, breaking through its skin. She gags and removes its fur from her tongue. She turns to Tyler who walks over to the hammer, picks it up, and tosses it over to her. Sami begins to protest but decides against it and instead its Starr with the hammer, breaking into her skin. She then reaches her hand into the wound and pulls out some meat before stuffing her face with it.

Tyler laughs before sitting down in Sami's chair in her corner. Sami stares at him.

"Don't stop! Some more!"

Sami then turns back to the cat and continues hammering holes into it before taking more bites out of it. Before long, she reaches its ribcage. Sami then slowly stands up before falling to her knees and throwing up. She looks over at Tyler who has now fallen asleep in the chair. Defeated, she lies on the ground, on her side and begins to cry, knowing that she will never be able to forget this terrible night.