Magic mirror on the wall, you ask me once I tell it all.

Magic mirror called me snake. It's just the truth that you can't take.

Magic mirror talking crap, but can your lips do more than flap?

Magic mirror whose the bitch? I wasn't there to dig that ditch.

Magic mirror locked the door. When you return, you'll see the whore.

Magic Mirror cruel and blunt. We see the image of a cunt.

Magic Mirror, please don't trip, this life is hard. I'm sick of it!

Magic Mirror, hear the hiss? I'm getting sick of holding this.

Mirror Mirror, see the prick?

I see me getting sick of shit.

I see your grown up hissy fit.

I see what I am dealing with.

I see you can't get over it.

I see this all in one big pit.

I see i'm sick of holding it.

This mirror shows a hypocrite! Why don't you look inside of it?