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The unfortunate hostage situation aboard the small Pacific coast cruise liner, the Pearl Pacific, began at precisely eight pm when the head chef, Benjamin Price, locked up the ship's only restaurant for the evening. He tucked a small box under his arm – its contents, an extra slice of apple pie – and turned to make his way up to the bridge and deliver it to the Captain who had a well-known sweet tooth.

This was a usual Sunday evening occurrence, and the twenty-four year old did not think twice as he made his way up some staircases towards the main deck.

It wasn't until two very unfamiliar men caught his eye on the flight above – descending the very same stairs he was climbing – that Benji got his first sense of foreboding. After all, the cruise liner was relatively small in size, and the cook had a very good eye; he would have seen them in the restaurant if they were guests; he wouldn't forget such rugged, tanned, tall men.

Their appearance froze him to his place and soon they were at the top of the staircase looking down on him.

The youngest stranger spoke to his companion as his eyes met the cook. "He'll sell for a good price."

A split-second later Benji listened to instinct and turned on his heel to head back down the opposite direction.

It was instantaneous – like something from an action movie. The stranger slid down the railings, appearing at the bottom faster than Benjamin. He fingered a .44 Magnum revolver in a holster at his side. "Easy," he warned. "You don't want to die, right? Don't run away."


Just a moment ago Benjamin was locking up his restaurant, and now he was face to face with men who were threatening to kill him. Just who the hell were these guys – pirates?

There was no such thing – at least, not in these waters –

As Benjamin debated this absurd notion – heart quickening with anxiety - the other stranger appeared behind him, pressing him forwards so he stumbled the remaining steps and came face to face with the man who threatened to kill him. He was probably only a few years older than Benji, with dark, wild hair, a five-o-clock shadow, and intense, dark eyes that continued to size him up while fingering the gun at his side. He stood well over six feet, quite a few inches taller than Benji, and the look he gave was unlike any the young male had seen in his life.

"Captain, we don't have much time," the older man advised behind Benji. "Are we taking him or not?"

Benji was too confused to follow the conversation properly. His mind was spinning – thoughts colliding with each other; still hung-up about dying and pirates. Though the title of Captain was not lost on Benjamin as the man answered the question with a rough yank on his arm; bringing him forwards slightly. "We're taking him." The grip was too tight – Benji could feel the fingers digging cruelly into his skin. "You, where's the berth?"

"Wh-why ? Who are y-"

But when the Captain un-holstered the revolver and pressed the barrel against his temple, Benji did not argue or ask any further questions.

Uncooperative feet slowly began to work as the three descended the stairs, heading further south towards the sleeping quarters. Benjamin glanced nervously up at the man whose tight hold of him was surely cutting off circulation to his fingers.

"The fuck's your problem, Locke?" the Captain asked, looking pissed at his companion as they followed the cook.

"I thought you were done taking hostages," Locke, the older stranger, replied. His voice was much calmer; although it held a certain rasp to it that made everything he said sound rough, like sandpaper.

Benjamin prayed as he led the way to the berth that he wouldn't be a hostage for long… that maybe there was a way out of this with his life.

"You know as well as I do that the ransom is usually double what we loot," the Captain continued – a sharp edge to his voice as if he'd had to fight for a lot of things in his life.

"Yea and it's also double the pain," Locke continued. "Your father would roll over –"

The barrel of the revolver was temporarily removed from Benji's temples and turned towards the man beside him. "Oh yea? Enlighten me, Locke. What the fuck would my father do?"

Benjamin made to turn, but was yanked back – forced to stop mid-stride as the two men faced each other.

"Nothing, Captain – put the gun down. We both know you're not going to kill me. I am just doing my duty to remind you of the trouble we went through last time." The older man was patient – didn't even bat an eyelash with the gun pointed right between his brows. A long, jagged scar made its way through the thicker facial hair, making him look even more grisly than necessary.

After a moment, the Captain holstered his gun, and pushed Benjamin forward as if to indicate he could resume leading the way without restraint. "I don't think you're in any position to tell me what to do, Quartermaster," the Captain said, venom oozing at the word. "What happened last time was entirely your fault anyway – all you had to do was keep the kid alive!"

The conversation was taking a turn that Benjamin did not have the mental capacity to sort through. He was becoming dizzy, and each step made him weak in the knees. It was a good thing that the Captain still had a good grip on him because he nearly fell to the floor.

"Can't even fucking walk, what the hell are you good for…" the Captain muttered, pulling Benji up by the elbow. The man regarded the key-card around Benjamin's neck and brought it up for closer inspection. "Benjamin Price – Head Chef," the Captain read aloud. "You work here?"

Benji barely managed a nod – hoping he wouldn't puke or get shot.

"Well you're ours now, Benjamin. We're going to sell your pretty head back to mommy and daddy for a good price, right?"

This was more difficult to respond to. Benjamin did not have living relatives, much less anyone that wanted to pay for his life. But somehow, admitting that fact at that moment was like receiving the kiss of death.

"What's in the box?" the Captain continued, distracted. He released the badge and snatched it, opening the apple pie before tossing the whole thing away. "Here's the deal, Benjamin. Be a good boy for us – open up all the doors and make it nice and easy - and I promise to keep you alive until you're paid for."

Benjamin felt he would agree to anything at that point. He didn't want his life taken away from him, and although he was barely keeping up, he knew it was still at risk. He believed this stupid pirate Captain.

"I-I'll be good!" he managed, after realizing they were waiting for an answer. "I swear I'll do whatever you want!"

"See, Locke?" the Captain said smugly, turning slightly towards his right-hand man who sighed, eyes turning up as if dealing with a child, but the Captain was already turning his attention back to the young cook. "Take us to the berth and try not to fall down while you're at it."

So Benjamin took a deep breath and did exactly as he was told. He swiped his badge over each electronic lock and the two men set to work stealing all sorts of priceless items, cash, jewellery and other valuables, throwing them into a duffel bag.

As the Captain went to resume his hold on Benjamin's elbow and lead the way to the next room, the thought struck and Benji froze up once again.

"What is it?" the Captain asked, looking down at Benjamin as if regarding him something similar to a bug – eyes debating to squish or not to squish.

"Umm – uh – th-there's a safe too," Benjamin managed, watching both men's eyes light up. "I mean, if its money… y-you want…"

Locke drew closer this time. "How long will it take?" he asked – sharp green eyes flashing seriously.

"It's just on the other side of the berth – we're almost there. It's near my restaurant," Benjamin answered. It was much easier talking to this guy that hadn't yet threatened his life – although wasn't there something about him being responsible for the death of the last hostage?

"He could be lying," Locke began, eyes sweeping the male in front of him and making Benji regret his misplaced trust. "There might be a panic button."

The Captain, however, didn't seem to believe it. "This guy doesn't want to die, and he knows what'll happen if we get there and he's trying to screw us over. I think it's worth a shot."

So it was decided. With a rough jerk, the Captain grabbed Benjamin's wrist and flung him out of the cabin they'd raided, indicating for him to lead the way again but faster this time.

The three ran through the halls of the lower deck on a mission. Benjamin stopped to swipe his badge and enter his code before opening the door to the safe. He flung himself in with Locke as the Captain kept the door ajar.

Piles of cash and the crew's earnings were stuffed into the bag within moments.

"Let's go!" the Captain hissed. "People are coming." The man was already drawing for his gun when two crew members rounded the corner.

It happened too fast again – two gunblasts later Benjamin went cold with dread. Locke man-handled him back to the Captain, but seeing the lifeless bodies at the man's feet was enough of a reality check to get him moving again.

"Shit, this is too good… and you wanted to kill him…" the Captain began, gripping Benjamin's wrist and racing up the stairs behind Locke.

Panting and short of breath, the three burst out of a door onto the side of the main deck but it was too late. The sounds of the gun from earlier triggered the alarms. The intense wailing left both men shouting nonsense at each other as the cold sea wind whipped Benji's wits back into his head. He had to escape – he had to –

"Not thinking of leaving me, are you?" the Captain asked, pulling Benjamin up against his side. "I dare you to try it," he tempted with a twist of his torso revealing his holster and the loaded reminder of the situation.

Locke had no time for games, he approached the railing of the deck and spotted the speedboats below – it was unlike anything Benjamin had seen before. The high powered boats resembled sharks circling their prey – syncing circles and high powered engines roaring to life at the alarm and several men shouting up at them; voices lost in the wind, aiming grappling hooks.

"Wh-what are we – ?" Benjamin could barely get a hold of himself at the sight of Locke producing hooks and passing two to the Captain before tightening his hold on the duffel bag and grabbing one himself. He barrelled down the hook faster than Benjamin thought was realistic and panic seized him at the idea of throwing himself to sea like that.

"You first," the Captain commanded, handing a hook to Benjamin and looking at him expectantly.

"I-I can't – I'll fall!" he produced his shaky arm for effect. "Weren't you the one who promised to keep me alive, anyway, Captain?"

The man regarded him with a terrible stare before giving in, knowing there wasn't much time to argue. "Come here then, hold on to me tightly."

It was less embarrassing than expected. Benjamin only had moments to cling himself properly around the man – legs and everything - before hurtling towards the speedboats screaming in terror.

With a hard landing, they made it onto the vessel – Benjamin losing his senses momentarily as he tumbled under the weight of the larger man he clung to. It was only moments before he was slapped awake; fist removing itself from the Captain's cotton shirt as he jerked himself upright and remembered his current situation with a difficult swallow.

"Hey Cap – who is this?" a voice asked as Benjamin pressed his head into his knees – contemplating how he was currently being kidnapped.

"Boys, feast your eyes on our new hostage! This kid is going to fetch us a pretty penny," the Captain introduced rather inappropriately.

Locke interjected the excited murmuring of the men. "He has already fetched us a pretty penny, Captain," the man said in a lowered voice so that the excited men aboard wouldn't hear. "Don't you think we should ditch him sooner rather than later? I don't want what happened last time…"

Benji shook his head desperately at being thrown aside so easily. "Please – don't kill me – " he begged.

The Captain's hand was on his jaw in seconds, dark eyes boring into him – serious and direct. "Don't give me a reason to." Then he turned back to the man at his side. "Locke - ?"

"Yes, Captain?"

"We're not killing him yet. Got it?"

"Keep the boy alive, sir?"

There was a brief moment of silence – broken only by the terrified whimpers of Benjamin Price as his life hung in the balance of this madman's whim.

"Yes. Spread the message, I will kill whoever touches him without permission."

A gasping sob of relief at these words made Benjamin collapse forwards, caught and steadied by Locke as if the Captain's warning wasn't meant for him.

"Locke, let's try and keep one alive."

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