foreword :

Another crap I used to write for VK-bands related LJ's communities back in 2007~2009...

I still like it though even if it's crap (you may call it "nostalgia"). I just changed the name of one character to move this from "fanfiction" to "fiction". It's full of mistakes too but I tried my best in chasing them I swear ;A;

Happy New Year.

Miki changed his grip on the plastic cup so it would warm both of his hands up. He brought it closer to his face, the steam from the burning hot tea wrapping around what little of his face was exposed to the cold air, blurrying his sight with white steam on his black-framed glasses.

The shadows were slowly melting to lighter shades of grey. Little by little, the shape of everything around him was growing sharper, as if the ticking hour was bringing the place into focus. This would be the only time of the day the snow stopped glittering, neither enlightened by the moon nor the sun.

Miki shivered and plunged his chin deeper in his thick coat. The fur on its collar tickled his numb skin.

In front of him, people passed by, driven by one single idea, one common wish: go through the huge red torii gate, to the shrine beyond the large gravel courtyard, and pray on this brand new day. Families, with grand-parents and children, all wrapped up in layers of warm clothes, were fighting back their sleepiness to fulfill a centennial tradition. Miki smiled almost unconsciously. Somehow, despite the unfriendly weather, those people reunited with their loved ones were happy; and this happiness flowed from their little huddles directly to him, raven-haired silhouette clad in darkness who sat alone on one side of the alley, brightening his mood, keeping the loneliness at bay.

He felt somewhat brave and a bit clumsy, like out of place. Surveying the crowd, it seemed that only group of people were allowed to pray at the shrine on the New Year Day; and there he was, his bench isolated from the main attraction, wondering if he would be able to slip unnoticed in the ranks of that lazy procession, and wondering why he wouldn't.

He shifted on his seat and drank some of the tea he'd bought earlier from a street merchant. After all, he'd stayed up all night celebrating and arrived at the shrine since nearly a hour now, a lot earlier than all of them. He was determined to stay until dawn appeared, alone if he had to - if his date wasn't going to show up.

He yawned loudly and replaced his fingerless gloves properly on his hands. His fingertips were about to grow icicles. He had been drinking too much the previous evening with some friends and declared in front of them that he would go to the shrine later on too, like a proper good kid. Waking up from an unexpected black-out and still nursing a pretty serious hang-over, he'd still decided to keep his word, knowing his mates would be astonished to receive a mail with a picture attached proving he'd done it - not to say he'd craved the fresh air, and that praying for one's friends once in a while was a nice thing to do, even for a rebel like him.

In the midst of his erratic thinking, he suddenly caught glimpse of a familiar face, coming up from the opposite side of the alley where all the various stalls hurriedly brought up to the shrine for the occasion projected pools of dim light on the ground and swirls of steam up the air. Miki smiled but didn't move from the bench, casually crossing his legs instead while Yuuya slowly closed up the distance. He was dressed solely in black too, with boots, gloves, a scarf and a wool hat, his silvery fringe brushing slightly angry eyes - and the only tiny detail selling him out in a crowd.

- It's sooooo early!" he complained without any polite preamble. "And so freezing cold! Are you out of your mind?

- Hello to you too." calmly answered Miki, used to his friend's sulky self.

Yuuya collapsed gracelessly on the stone bench and released a long sigh while vigorously rubbing his thighs to keep them warm.

- It's so cold!

- There." Miki handed him the cup. It was still reasonnably hot and half-filled.

Yuuya gave him a sleepy glare but drank up the tea nonetheless, grumbling a thanks.

Miki glanced at the sky. It was whitening. Some birds were flying high, and somewhere in the temple, the sound of a gong rang endlessly.

-C'mon, let's move." said Miki, kicking into motion. His joints winced at the sudden spring, but he ignored it in favor of his determination.

He started to walk up the alley without waiting for Yuuya to moan in discontempt again; then up a wide, slippery paved stair. It was going through a snow-covered bamboo grove, mostly in straight line, and at some point, the gentle click-clock of a wooden fountain brought him to a slower pace, and Yuuya caught up with him. His blond friend would occasionnaly curse in his breath, loosing his balance on a frozen stone or slapped in the face by a sudden gush of January wind, and Miki indulged him, silently thankful he had showed up against all odds, therefore legitimating Miki's presence in the shrine. To Miki, the ascent was rather pleasant. The physical effort had warmed him up, and he could feel his cheeks reddening; the low temperature made breathing difficult and what he could see from the corner of his eyes was only a mixture of faded colors and moving shapes. He couldn't even daydream, walking on frosted steps requiring his entire attention. But then, all the material, unnecessary thoughts were washed away from his mind.

The path widened after a while, and Miki strayed from the stairs to a small observation deck on the side that offered a view of the shrine compounds through an opening in the grove. Behind them, people kept on climbing to reach the main terrace further up.

Yuuya's shoulder brushed past him as he colapsed against the railing.

- Gosh I'm exhausted!

- The sun will soon rise. It's almost six." Miki said, leaning against the border too.

As they rested in silence the sky grew paler, the clouds scattered, as if they too were aware of the importance of the event that was going to take place in a matter of minutes. Soon enough, squeezed between the high buildings of the city, a light pinkish orange sphere rose, and for a surreal, slow-motionned moment, all natural activities seemed to stop, as well as Miki's breath.

Every year, he wondered why, why people would get out of bed at such an unholly hour and brave the weather to go to the shrine; and every year, the inane question would vanish from his mind at the very moment his eyes filled with the first sunrise of the year.

His throat tightened.

The intensity of the light was growing stronger as the sun moved up steadily in the air. Its ageless, golden rays lit every impurities of the world on fire, and as it did chased the shadows and Miki's demons away.

Yuuya's hand unobtrusively met his.

He heard a sob, so he pulled his eyes from the panorama, but a ghost of white orb blinded his sight for a second. Blinking it off, he noticed a single, glittering tear rolling down Yuuya's cheek.

- Are you crying?" Miki asked, a little confused.

- No. I forgot to bring my sunglasses is all!" answered Yuuya with an obviously feigned pout. "And it's too damn cold."

Miki raised his brows, unsure how to react to his friend's momentaneous loss of composure. He chose to dismiss it with a smile, just as he'd done with his own inner turmoil. Then he put his arm over the blond's shoulders and gave him a gentle kiss on the temple. Yuuya turned his head slightly and their lips touched each other's, settling both their hearts.

- Happy New Year, honey.

Yuuya smiled and snuggled his face into his lover's neck. A couple of retired persons sounded shocked behind them, but before this brand new day, they both felt they could forgive anything, thankful as they were to be able to enjoy this moment together - and because neither of them was certain they would make it next time, it also felt they had to have no regrets.

After a little while, Miki gently pulled away and took his phone out.

The flash notification chirped, and he put the phone back in his pocket.

- Ok, let's go home." He decided with a satisfied grin, turning his back to the glaring sun.

- And back to sleep!" Added Yuuya, suddenly full of energy on the way back.