Vederbard's means vassal in my world. As such they have dominion over a single county. Thus they control the villages and resources with the county. Like myself this elevation of status is a ego boost. Hollnaie was one such example one of the youngest Vederabards only eleven summers old. However she is also the most unique as she was nothing more than a simple thief. This action made by me offended many vederabards. Hollnaie didn't mind she named the village, forest, and hills after herself. Being a thief she built up auxiliary and skirmishers forces in times of both war and peace. She allowed all her subjects to hunt lesser game such as squirrels, pheasants, and other lesser woodland animals. Hollnaie also spent money for the village of Hollnaiefyrd to have a Inn. This was both a domestic and strategic move.

Her subjects could drink and dance. Hollnaie could also recruit spies and mercenaries for serious needs. Everyone noted her streets smarts and swift action. In short Hollnaie may be one of the youngest Vederabards. Yet she is far from helpless. Only time will tell if she will be a loyal or useless Vederabard!