Clarity - noun - the quality of being clear, in particular

Many days passed without any sign from Emma, her father , or even my parents . The house was always dead silent except for the hours it would rain . I grew to have a better appreciation of the natural weather occurrence during this time . The sounds brought with it seemed to remind myself of who I was . But the days the rain stopped completely were the most aggravating . Sitting in complete silence for multiple hours at a time was starting to drive me crazy - literally .

Sometimes it all got so bad I could almost hear Emma's voice in the back of my head calling out to me . It was never any specific wording I could make out - only her voice. With nothing meaningful to do it felt almost routine to head out on the porch to smoke a cigarette. Small puffs led to harder drags sending a euphoric feeling throughout my body. It was funny to imagine how such a simple addictive tendency could calm your mind instantly. Small droplets of water poured down from the sky - as always here. Stabbing out my bogie against the porch railing, leaves rustled in the distance.

Soon a figure approached me, one I would recognize from a mile away. Emma, finally making another mysterious entrance. It seemed stupid in the moment, but just seeing her brought a smile to my face, "Hey there stranger"


After what felt like years without seeing her, all I got was a simple 'hey'. Outraged I tried my best not to snap, it wasn't the right time for that. There was no point in scaring her away yet.

"Happy to see you too.."

She stepped on the porch, grabbing my hand tightly. Her eyes went wide with what had to be fear. I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"What's with the face?"

"You're cold..."


It wasn't any colder than usual out, her words stuck in my head, cold... She forced a smile onto her face, shaking any earlier emotions away,

"Never mind.. You wanna head down to the dock?"

"Thought you said I was cold.."

"Oh just come on..."

Grabbing my hand again she led me off of the porch, rain falling around as as we walked through the dark forestry heading to what was becoming our usual spot. Maybe things weren't so bad, maybe I wasn't as along as I thought I was. Things would get better, I just knew it in that moment. Everything seemed to clear now, or at least I thought so.