Deep in ancient ruins, shadowy figures moved between crumbling stone rooms. Guided only by the light of a small oil lantern, a trio walked through the dusty hallways with a pre-determined destination. They moved with purpose, not stopping to take in the large carvings sprawling over the walls. The last in the line lagged behind, a hunched back protruding from their silhouette, while the other two stood tall. The patter of footsteps echoed through the dead rooms, announcing to the cobwebs that at last, someone had returned.

Turning the final corner, the hall emptied into a large cavern. While the ruins before had obviously been crafted by the hand of a being, the cavern was wild and natural, formed by the land. Only a large magic circle carved into the floor indicated that the area had been previously discovered. The circle was at least twenty feet across, with ornate runes decorating the edges. The leader walked to its center, and placed the lantern at their feet.

"Father." The stagnant air shuddered as the phrase bounced through the cave. "Our plan will work. Give me a little more time and-," the speaker's voice faded, overcome with emotion. "Soon, you shall be revived."

A deep rumble emanated from the cave's far end in response.