They Looked Dead To Me

By Shadowgate

Dolores Tan was with her parents at the county courthouse. Her parents Carol and Harold Tan were sued by a neighbor. The lawsuit was ruled frivolous and thrown out. Her parents were grateful and they headed out of the courthouse and got on a bus.

Anna Martin and her eight year old son Boyd just left the family/juvenile court after setting up a custody arrangement with her ex-husband John Martin. They got on the same bus as the Tan Family.

When they got on the bus Dolores said "ma'am I see you have a child I hope he'll be quiet because my parents are on the bus and need their rest."

Anna gave her a look like she was offended but said "my son is fairly quiet when we go on trips."

Two minutes after Anna and Boyd took their seats Boyd turned around and looked in the back end of the bus.

Suddenly Boyd yelled "mom there are dead people on the bus!"

It woke up Carol and Harold and the bus driver pulled over to the side of the road.

Anna shouted "Boyd there are no dead people on the bus."

The bus driver said "ma'am my name is Billy Charge and I'm the bus driver what's the problem?"

Anna replied "oh my God" and Boyd said "I'm sorry Mister Charge but those two old people looked like they were dead."

Harold yelled "We're not dead we were just sleeping."

Dolores said "I thought your kid was quiet when you took him on trips."

Anna shot back "well my kid got a little spooked and that happens."

Dolores said "why the fuck would he think there'd be dead people on the bus?"

Boyd answered "they fucking looked dead to me."

Anna said "Boyd watch your language."

Dolores said "Goddamn it!"

Anna snapped "quit cussing at my kid."

John told Donna and her parents that sometimes a kid can get scared and to just get over it.

Carol yelled "what kind of horror movies are you letting your kid watch?"

Anna replied "we don't' let our kid watch violent horror movies and even if we did it's none of your business."

Billy said "alright everyone needs to calm down."

Dolores said "Tell the Goddamn kid to calm down. Parents should leave their kids at home if they can't behave."

Boyd yelled "you should leave your parents at home in their coffins because they scare people."

Other people on the bus laughed.

Dolores yelled "Goddamn it!" and right after that she smacked Boyd. John went up to Dolores and punched her in the face leaving her with a bloody nose.

When the police arrived Dolores was arrested for assaulting a minor. She was infuriated about the whole day. Her parents had to face a frivolous lawsuit and then she was arrested.