purple is my favorite color.

it stains through majestically and bleeds through my fingertips where i grow pens, pencils, crayons, and other artistic measures like cocked guns. you'd like to think you're cocky and you strut your stuff like a peacock baring its feathers for battle, but we both know that something inside of me makes people really real, and you are the first in forever who is unafraid but embraces it. i have collected your feathers and adorned myself in them. i shall make a dainty crown to place upon my crown.

i color myself gold. once upon a time i believed in sterling silver but i choose bigger and better things for myself. you can hold my hand, but you can't sleep here tonight. i will hold your hand and when i release you you will find your thumbs stained purple and touch the tips of your fingers to your own lips, tasting me upon yourself.

i will share my colors with you, if it is what you need.

i will redecorate myself daily in a plethora of rainbows, hues carefully selected from every wheel.

remember the color of my eyes.

i will not paint you, but i will open you up to hidden colors and delicately place a brush into your now purple palms.