Chapter 3.24: January 24, 2018


"Hello, Erunai."

"Hey, Leo. You made it just in time."

"Yes, I am sorry. I was called into an emergency meeting."

"Is everything all right?"

"Yes, there is no need to worry. How are you feeling right now?"

"Honestly? I'm sick to my stomach with nerves, but I'm excited, too."

"I suppose that is a good sign."



"It hurts so much, actually. Missing him hurts so much."

"…That is something with which you must simply learn to live. There is no remedy to ease the pain of losing someone."

"I just can't seem to forget every time he promised me that he would be there to save me."



"I cannot promise to always save you, Erunai, but I can promise to support you for as long as I can."

"That's good enough for me."

"Erunai! You're supposed to greet Ken's fans in a couple of minutes!"

"I'm coming, Susy!"


"You won't leave, will you?"

"No. I will be right here for you."



"Thank you, Leo."

"The pleasure is all mine, Erunai."

El fin.

Author's Note:

So Tremors has (finally) come to an end. I know it's a bit of an anti-climactic ending, but I was having a really difficult time figuring out exactly how I wanted the story to end, and this feels like best fit. I don't plan on doing any sequels or anything because I think these characters deserve to be left with the bit of hope they found in the end. (I will also probably accidentally kill off another character if I continue writing about them, honestly.) (However, I may feel inspired to write a few one-shots to include in Bricolage.)

Let me know what you thought of the story, please! I'll eventually be going back to edit this, so any feedback is appreciated. (I'm already aware of a few plot holes and am planning on restructuring a few things, adding a few characters, changing some of their roles, etc.)

And with that, I mark Tremors as complete.