I'm holding my breath.

Frigid air rushes through my clothes, wrapping around me from behind. The ground liquifies under my feet, yet I still try to stand my ground.

I'm not going to let you get me.

A single step forward is all it will take to make me break. Behind your glasses, you have solidified into a cold, dark abyss. I can't see you in your eyes.

I won't believe this.

You have to finish what you've started. You made me fall for you. You created this person in front of you, this broken child that can't even trust themselves anymore.

I still mean every word I said to you.

I meant it when I told you I would never leave your side. Even as I see you in the dark, transforming into a black hole, I still refuse to run. I'm haunted by the person you used to be, by the person I thought you were.

I know that I'm wrong, but I still can't let go.

I feel you pulling the pieces of my heart into the grasp of your bloody hand, and as much as I still love you, I hope you bleed ichor from where the shards of me cut your frozen skin.

Maybe you'll bleed out.

Maybe then I'll be able to live with myself for what you've done to me. Maybe then I'll be able to move onto something more.

I doubt it, but I can still hope.