I've wanted a long life for a long time.

All I want now is peace of mind.

I can feel every breath force its way in and out of my slowly decaying lungs. The tubes and wires and IVs aren't helping anymore.

If someone could take me to my youth, I would be so grateful. As much as my memory has faded, I still remember the way my love looked under the streetlights, waiting for me to show up and scare them.

As much as I'm fading, I know I'm not loosing my mind.

Not yet.

I can feel every minute, every second pass agonizingly slow. Right down to the last second of every day, I'm begging for God's boat to come and carry me home. I'm so far away from my home right now.

My st-stut-t-ttering breath is quickening in panic. I'm moving on without my permission.

You'd think I'd be glad.

As glad as I am that I'm going to back to where I came from, I'm still holding onto my memories of you.

I'm still holding my memories.

I'm still holding on.