Chapter.1 Welcome to Cootamundra

The sun shine down on the dirt fields, cars going past in the highway in all sizes and colours. A white car sped past the fields as it made its way to a small town in the middle of nowhere. The car pulled up and parked in a Woolworths car park. The two front doors opened and the back left door opened and out of the car a old man and woman stepped out and shut the doors of the white car. A familiar face stepped out of the back of the car and slammed the door. "Tristian! Don't slam the door" the old man said

"Sorry dad" Tristian said in obvious voice. The sliding doors opened and a wave of cold hit Tristian and his parents, but the cold didn't affect Trisitan. Tristian is what they call a Dragon Fighter and what a Dragon Fighter is, it's gives Tristian the aspects and perks of a dragon. So it's strength, speed and senses and since Tristian is a fire dragon, he cannot feel cold and the heat doesn't bother him. Tristian left his hometown, Eden to go to a small country town for basically training or that's what he calls it. Tristian's parents are Rodney and Wanda Manton, very wise people who would do anything for their son. Tristian hopes to improve his skills and beat anyone who threatens his family or friends.

Tristian walked over to the meat section or the supermarket. He looked at the pork chops, a lot of fat and little meat that made Tristian scrunch his face up. "Tristian" a voice said to his right. Tristian turned his head right and saw a tall guy wearing a woolies shirt and nice pants. His hair was long and scruffy, like he surfed a lot. "Sorry do I know you?" Tristian asked

"Dude it's me Anthony, remember? We used to school here?"

"Oh Anthony! Hell yeah, how have you been?"

"I've been good man. What are you doing back here?"

"Well I have moved back here. My family are sick of the coastal life, so they decided to move back here"

"Oh sweet. Hey, I'm having my birthday party on Monday. You should come man, everyone will be glad to see you"

"Sure man, that would be cool as"

"Sweet man. Six-thirty the party starts and bring some summer clothes because it gets really hot here and it's gonna be hot as tomorrow arvy"

"Oh that shouldn't be a worry man, I'm used to the heat"

"Alright man, see you later"

"Sweet bro".

Later that day Tristian, met with his friend Kirsty. Kirsty died some time ago when she sacrificed herself to save Tristian from falling off a cliff. Kirsty was offered to work with the government to hunt down other Dragon Fighters and have their powers taken away from accepted the offer and she faked her death. Now that she's returned, Tristian and the others can sleep better at night. Kirsty was put on a top secret mission to find the Lightning Dragon Fighter thats around the Cootamundra area. She asks Tristian to help her with this mission because he has the strength to beat them. Kirsty is also a Dragon power is Darkness, which is one of the most strongest elements ever. Kirsty sat on a white wall which was located near the gate to Bimbadeen. "You're not staying, are you?" Tristian said
"Nah. The Prime Minister is up my ass about my last mission" Kirsty said
"When will you be coming back?"
"Well, I probably will be coming back in about six months"
"What!? Aww man. How am I supposed to do this without you?"
"Hey, I'll be back. It's only a six month suspension. I know you can do this. I'll try and help you as much as I can from my end"
"But we have only spent about three weeks together" Tristian said as he put his head with a sad look on his face. Kirsty then leaned in, kissed him and said "You're so silly sometimes, ya know?" She gave a smile and Tristian looked at her with such amazement. He didn't see her for years and he never noticed how beautiful she had become. A car pulled up and the door opened. "Well I better be going. Just do me one favour?"
"What's that?" Tristian asked
"Stay out of trouble"
"Huh? Hahaha. You got it" Tristian said as he smiled. Kirsty smiled and got into the car. The car done a U-turn and drove off.

Tristian opened his closet and looked for a nice outfit to wear the Anthony's party. He looked down and saw a silver box with some sort emblem on it. It looked like a dragon and a salamander fighting with the yin and yang symbol behind it. On top of it there was a card with said "Tristian" on this front. Tristian opened it and the letter read "Tristian. As you know I'm suspended for six months and won't be able to carry out the mission until my suspension is over. But I have faith in you. This outfit should suit you and help you while I'm gone. Now these aren't any normal clothes. The government has been working on hologram technology. Thanks to America helping us, we have made the first ever hologram battle suit. So in other words with your dragon abilities, you'll be able to see your fire when you're fighting. So good luck. I have faith in you. Love Kirsty xx". Tristian looked down at the box and removed the lid and laid out the outfit on his bed. "Oh yeah this will do" he said excited. Tristian finished changing into the outfit. His shoes were orange and the laces were black. A pattern flowed around his shoe like it was trying to consume it. His shorts were red, black and pockets were like a small ammo box and the shorts past his knees making him look like some sort of gangster. His shirt was orange with black diagonal lines crossing each other on the front. He picked up the gloves which were fingerless and were coloured orange and black. There was a flame on the right glove. Tristian had second thoughts about wearing them but he thought "Screw it". He slipt on the gloves and looked down and saw a necklace and saw a cross. A note was underneath it and it read "Hey I got this for you. Since I was never there for all your birthdays I thought I should buy you this. Sorry I wasn't there for you xx". Tristian smiled and heard his dad calling him from the car. He put the necklace around his neck and rushed out the door.

When Tristian arrived he said goodbye to his dad and went up to Anthony's front door and rang the doorbell. "Coming!" a muffled voice said inside the house. The door suddenly opened and Anthony appeared. "Hey man, come on in" he said
"Nice place ya got here man" Tristian said
"Thanks bro. By the way what's with the outfit?"
"Oh this was a present from my friend when she left for Canberra"
"What did you guys break up?"
"What? Nah man, she's just away for a little while"
"Oh alright, so you two are on a break?"
"You can say that"
"Don't worry man, enjoy yourself tonight"
"Alright then". Tristian helped Anthony set up the rest of his party and then another one of Tristian's friends arrived. "James, welcome man" Anthony said
"Hey, glad I could come" James said
"Hey man, look who's here"
" No way"
"Hey James, long time no see" Tristian said happily
"How have ya been man?"
"Good really good. I went to America not to long ago"
"Aww man sick as, how was it?"
"So good, I had a good time"
"Hey guys? I know it's great catching up and all that but do a think you could give me a hand with the BBQ?" Anthony said struggling to lift the barbeque
"Oh yeah sorry man" Tristian said. A little while later, the rest of Tristian's old friends and some new ones arrived at Anthony's house. Three hours later, everyone was around the fire that Anthony made just sitting and talking about what they're looking forward to this year. "So how about you Tristian?" Ariah said. Ariah was one of the many friends at Anthony's party. Tristian never saw her before but there introductions to each other went great. "Well, actually there's something I have to tell you guys before really get to know me. I have changed over the past years that most of you have known me for" Tristian said
"What is it?" Ariah said
"Well I'm actually a dra-" Tristian was saying was but was interrupted by a loud crash near Anthony's front yard.

"ANTHONY!" Anthony's little sister screamed
"Millie!?" said Anthony as he ran and the side gate. Everyone ran out front and saw Millie being held a guy, along with four others. They all had armour and bandanas around the bottom half of their face. Their armour was yellow and black and some blood on the front chest plate. "Oh no. It's the yellows" James said
"Who are they?" Tristian asked
"There one of the gangs here in Coota" Ashleigh said. Ash was one of Tristian's old friends.
"I didn't know there were gangs here in Coota?"
"There weren't. But fours years ago, four gangs arrived in Coota at the same time. It was the weirdest thing ever. The cops couldn't do a thing because each gang specializes in a certain skill" Ariah said
"I have to do something"
"No Tristian" Ariah said as she tried to grab his shirt. The thugs laughed and Anthony just stood there shaking and face angry as. "I got it from here man" Tristian said as he walked past Anthony and gave a pat on the shoulder. "Tristian? You can't fight them man, this gang specializes in fighting" Anthony said in a panic
"Don't worry man. Fighting is what I'm known for" Tristian said with a smirk on his face.
"What's with this kid?" One of the thugs said
"So I'm told that you guys are really good at fighting?"
"Yeah that's right. You wanna get killed?"
"Actually yeah, give it your best shot"
"What? You get him" the middle thug said holding Millie. The thug on the right walked over in front of Tristian and got his metal pipe out. "Heh, big mistake" Tristian said as he gave a big smile. "What's with this heat?" the thug said. The heat rose even hotter and mini rush of wind bursted outwards. Everyone looked at Tristian with shock. His hair was orange, yellow and red. His left eye had turned black and orange and his teeth had become sharp like fangs. "Tristian?" Ariah said
"Now it's time to show you guys what the South Coast Dragon is known for. GET READY!" Tristian said.