Chapter.3 Take Down the Tower

The wind blows on a cool summer day as cars and people walk past Tristian. "Man this sucks. I know I've only been here for four days but still. I still need a place to train and I've looked everywhere and there's no suitable place for me to train. I can't do it up at home because mom and dad will kill me if I torch the property. Ever since I got here I haven't had the chance to train and I'm itching to hit something" Tristian said as he walked down the main street of Coota. Up ahead Tristian saw a man sitting on a bench near the Commonwealth Bank twitching with his head tucked in his stomach. As Tristian walked closer he saw that the man had cuts all over his body. The clothes he wore were covered in blood and his face had been beaten up really bad. "Hey sir, who did this to you?" Tristian asked the man
"One of the watchtowers" the man said
"Yes, there all over the town. Everyone is afraid of this town because of them"
"What do they do to people?"
"They...they throw things at you like knifes, crowbars and pieces of metal"
"Damn. So where's the watchtower that did this to you?"
"It's the one that's at the very north-eastern corner of town"
"Don't worry I got this from here but before that let's get you to a hospital alright?"
"Yeah alright". Tristian carried the man to the hospital and when he thought that he was in good hands he went on his way.

Tristian arrived at the North Eastern Watchtower. He looked up and saw guards patrolling it from up top. "Hm? This isn't gonna be easy. This is the first time I've had to do something like this and that tower is pretty tall if ya ask me. Okay so my main objective is to take down the tower but it looks more like an outpost than a Watchtower. Tristian got up on a stack of wood near the fence surrounding the tower. He looked around and saw thugs walking around and sitting. "(Okay so there's three generators that I have to take out in order to shut off their power and render that tower useless. So I gotta take out the three generators around the outpost and then I should try and weaken the tower's support beams. I then have to try and see if I can get that front gate to open up so I can make a clean entrance and after I do that I'll have take out as many guards as I can and then bolt for the front gate and get out of there. Okay...now to put my plan together)" Tristian thought as he continued to look around trying to find a way in. Tristian activated his suit and crawled through a hole in the fence at the back of the outpost and sneaked to the first generator. The whole outpost smelt like grog, gunpowder and smoke, the whole place looked run down as if it had been here for years. It suddenly came to Tristian that this outpost was a house, just normal family house that was invaded and wrecked by this gang and made into a outpost. Two men were around the first generator having a smoke and cursing. Tristian sneaked behind the thug on the left while throwing a rock at the the thug on the right. The thug on the right yelled in pain while Tristian punched the left thug in the stomach so hard he fell into unconsciousness. Then Tristian rushed over the the right thug and grabbed his head and smashed against a wall, also knocking him out. Tristian looked around the to see if any guards were alerted but luckily none weren't. With the first generator turned off Tristian made his way over to the second generator which was held near a shed. Knocking out some thugs on his way Tristian turned off the second generator. The front gates suddenly opened and Tristian looked behind to see what was going on. Two guys walked in but they looked different from the other thugs in the outpost. The first guy had black cargo pants with black and yellow sneakers. Hey just had a yellow tank top on and a yellow sweat band. His hair was even yellow. The second guy had yellow and red board shorts and yellow sneakers. His yellow shirt had a weird white symbol on it that Tristian did not recognise. His hair was blonde. Both of them were both muscular looking thanks to the tank top and shirt. All of the thugs in the outpost backed away slowly in fear. "I know you're here South Coast Dragon" the guy in the tank top said. Tristian still hid out of sight waiting for an exit, he wasn't strong enough to fight those two. "Allow me to introduce myself I am Lance or better known as Yellow and this guy right here is Vice. Basically I knew that your would come here, that guy who you helped was part of my gang but he left without letting me know so I had to take care of him but no matter I have some of my boys ready to move in on him. I can forget about that loser and tell my boys to stand down as long as you come out and show yourself" Lance said. Tristian had no choice but to come out and show himself so he stood up and walked out in the middle of the outpost. "Well there you are and I gotta admit, you're a bit short I mean I thought you would be taller honestly. So tell me one thing? Who the f**k do you think you are? I mean here my boys were trying to collect some money that a family owed me and I get the message saying that they have been put in police custody. I mean that just really pisses me off so I thought to myself that I would find the person responsible and f**k him up" Lance said
"Look I know I can't beat you because you're more stronger than me but I'll say this when you hurt other people to get to me...I'll crush them with my bare hands" Tristian said angrily
"Looks like we have serious fighter here boys" Vice said. All of the other thugs in the outpost laughed. Tristian looked around at all of the other thugs and then looked at Lance and Vice smiling at him then he put his head down and started to stare at the ground. "Oh look at this boys. The little fighter is scared, so scared that all he can do is look at the ground" Vice mocked
"Huh?" Lance said. Tristian's hair suddenly changed and his eye changed as well, so had his teeth. His suit powered up and glowed a bright orange. Flames suddenly sparked from his hands and his shoulders. "What the f**k is this?" Vice asked Lance
"This Vice is the power of a Dragon Fighter, I cannot wait to splatter this guy's guts all of the town" Lance said grinning.

"Hey Lance was it?" Tristian said

"Huh?" Lance said
"Tell me that you're the one making people suffer in this town?"
"Hahahaha oh please. It's not just me ya know? There's four gangs around this town that control each section of Cootamundra. Red, Orange, Blue and Yellow. So what makes you think that can just come in here and ruin a good thing? I mean after were finished with you, you're friends are next and boy am I gonna enjoy f***ing them up" Lance said. Tristian suddenly rushed towards Lance and punched him. The thugs around the outpost had shocked looks on their faces, even Vice had a surprised look on his face. The force from Tristian's punch was strong it sent Lance flying 15 meters and onto the road. Tristian stood up threatening like and the look on his face was scary. "You wanna be next?" Tristian said to Vice
"You think that look is gonna scare me? Show me what you got kid" Vice said. Tristian suddenly rushed towards Vice and jumped up pulling back his right arm ready to punch him but Vice smiled and got into a stance and looked up at Tristian. Tristian swung his right fist at Vice but Vice caught it and then grabbed Tristian's right arm while he was still in the air and threw him on the ground. The force was so strong that it actually left cracks in the ground. Tristian groaned in pain. "Where's that scary face now?" Vice said. Tristian turned on his stomach still groaning in pain. Vice then grabbed Tristian's hair and picked him up looking him straight at him face to face and then threw him four meters across the outpost. It started raining, as Vice continued throwing Tristian across the outpost. Vice then threw Tristian up in the air and with perfect timing he punched him in the gut with his left hand. The force was that powerful that blood came out of Tristian's mouth and you could hear ribs breaking. The rain made the ground all muddy and thunder clapped in the sky. Tristian bled from mouth, nose, eyebrow and head, even his arms and legs had cuts on them from Vice throwing into crates and boxes around the outpost. Most of Tristian's ribs were broken and his spine was damaged as well. He was in no condition to fight anymore, the pain pulsing through his body was so extreme he couldn't even talk. Vice grabbed his shirt and picked him up. "How do you feel now South Coast Dragon? This is what you get for messing with our gang. You should've just stayed out of the way like every other person in this pathetic town and now look at you, the mighty Dragon Fighter has fallen so easily" Vice said but was interrupted by a loud bang. Tristian suddenly started bleeding from his back, the smell of something disgusting filled the air for a couple of minutes. Lance had shot Tristian in the back and began walking over wiping the blood from his mouth. "Vice let's broadcast this, I want everyone to know they don't f**k with us" Lance said
"Umm boss what about-"
"Relax I didn't shoot a vital spot, he should still be conscious...barely" Lance said as he smiled.

Lights suddenly turned on and Tristian was sitting in a chair tied up. A door opened and Lance walked through holding a gun. "Let's begin" he said. Every TV in the Riverina stopped it's normal viewing and Lance and Tristian popped up on the screen. "Hello everyone watching this broadcast. Now just recently I had a kid put three of my boys in police custody. Yes this is the Yellow Gang coming to you live right now. I have some good news, I have caught the *beep* and this is him right here. Now as you can see he's been very badly damaged and that's what happens when you *beep* with us and just in case you need some more help as to what I mean when you don't *beep* with us" Lance said. Lance pulled his gun out and shot Tristian's left leg. Tristian yelled in pain from the gunshot in his leg. "Now remember you don't mess with us ever, anyone who tries to mess with us...well let's just that this will happen to you. Thankyou for watching" Lance said as the broadcast stopped the normal program resumed. "Boss what should we do with him?" Vice said
"Well we don't need him anymore and he has lost a lot of blood so just chuck him outside, he's dead anyway" Lance said
"Right" Vice said as he untied Tristian and picked him up.

The rain continued the pour down, it was muggy and with rain it just made the heat even worse. Vice found a spot on a corner and chucked Tristian on the kerb and rode off back to the hideout. Tristian laid on the kerb unconscious, the blood continued to run out of his body and into the drainage. A girl walked past with her umbrella and saw Tristian lying there. She screamed and dropped her umbrella on the ground. Thunder and lightning continued as the rain poured down on the gang infested Cootamundra all seems lost. Meanwhile down south the broadcast was playing on a laptop. A hand suddenly closed the lid of the laptop, a person stood up and started walking "You ready? Then let's go" a voice said.

To Be Continued...