One random, pheromone-filled night, the RPG, Anime, Own Stories Continued manga forum on Fictionpress decided to hold an action writing tournament with the theme being a Holy Grail War. Somewhat inspired by a certain animu series that was originally a groundbreaking hentai game, this writing tournament/collaboration promises much TRUE ARTISTRY, fun action and craziness, or gobsmacking ineptness and headdesk-inducing triteness...

The least ya'll need to know is this: 16 Masters have been chosen by the Holy Grail to participate in a random war of unknown proportions. They each have to summon only one Servant—which should fall into one of these 7 classes: Saber, Lancer, Archer, Caster, Rider, Assassin, and Berserker, travel to the fictional city of Akaki, Japan (which the writers are free to build like a gargantuan sandbox as long as it retains the setting of a civilised, present-day urbanisation), and do deadly battle with each other until only one team remains.

The tourney consists of 4 knockout rounds. Each writer is pit against each other in one-on-one matches, and a match should feature both teams of the designated writers. In the knockout rounds, writers have to write a piece where their team defeats the opposing team, which would require the death of at least one member of the opposing team.

The 16 writers are as follows, all of whom you can find on Fictionpress:

1. cmaej, with her Master: Kana, and Servant: Toru (Caster)

2. SanjiandSerea, with her Master: Shuuhei Takeda, and Servant: Misaki Yoshida (Lancer)

3. DevilPogoStick, with his Master: Maxtaro Onimada, and Servant: Kyoko Hino (Saber)

4. TheBloodEdge, with his Master: Reina Kamiya, and Servant: Yukino Izuna (Berserker)

5. Thundy, with his Master: Lilian Yamaguchi, and Servant: Aven Kobayashi (Saber)

6. TheManicWolf, with his Master: Jury, and Servant: Ordvee (Assassin)

7. DappledKarma, with his Master: Kanade Kimura, and Servant: Shuhan Minamoto (Lancer)

8. Sentimental RainCloud, with her Master: Bridget "Koko" Jackson, and Servant: Shousei (Lancer)

9. Krozam, with his Master: Jonathan "John" Adams, and Servant: Gashor the Ancient (Saber)

10. For The Ark, with his Master: Soal, and Servant: Nami Nakori (Lancer)

11. Lolitroy, with her Master: Nina Sawatzki, and Servant: Isaac (Berserker)

12. Kazulous, with his Master: John Doe, and Servant: Rhythm (Archer)

13. Argentum Vir, with his Master: Sterling, and Servant: Apryll (Saber)

14. Ereh, with his Master: Enzel Venera, and Servant: Rachel Mariner (Caster)

15. JohnnyZwei, with his Master: Colten Niklas, and Servant: Metus Gear (Assassin)

16. Princess Asaria, with her Master: Mouse, and Servant: Hawk (Assassin)

Each writer's characters have their own stories to tell, with the writers providing us a variety of writing styles, and arguably, skill level.

Link to the main tournament thread is provided here: fictionpress(dot com)/topic/6043/5539582/1/Tourney-4-RAOSC-Holy-Grail-War-Begins

Link to the character profiles is here: fictionpress(dot com)/topic/6043/5685090/1/TOURNEY-4-CHARACTER-PROFILES

Link to the forum's compilation of pieces is provided here, with pieces saved on gdocs: fictionpress(dot com)/topic/6043/5663842/1/#5663846

Once reading and voting periods begin, anyone may send a private message to this account, RAOSC Manager-chan, to vote for the writer you think should advance!

Below is the recommended format of voting:

Subject: Insert the title of the match as named in the chapter title or forum thread. For example: R1, M9000: Fried Chicken vs. Banana (Fried Chicken and Banana are the writers' names)

Message: The writer you are voting for. For example: Assume you are voting for the above match, write either Fried Chicken or Banana. For each match, you must only vote for one writer.

(e) You are not allowed to amend your vote after sending it to the committee's account. This is a restriction brought upon by the ideology of democracy that must be imposed on all of its oppressed followers.

(f) However, the tourney committee may take issue with your vote and ask that you make any corrections if necessary. The committee may also declare your vote void for whatever reason. But don't worry, the tourney committee is a very fair committee. Upupu.

Welp, that's a long enough welcome. Now, onto the writing! Each writer has submitted an introductory piece introducing their teams, and on July 6, the reading and voting period for Round 1 shall begin!

Feel free to drop by the RAOSC manga forum as well! We're extremely active—on Skype. But there's a close-knit community of insane writers there.