You think the world is always out to get you.

You're paranoid, afraid, and you feel alone among friends.

You stare in the mirror and find that nothing there that is worth looking at

You wonder if your friends still like you

You wonder if you do anything right

You constantly feel judge

And you want approval from everyone.

Yet you hate getting the approval.

You feel broken, lost and confused sometimes.

You get angry, sad or jealous for no reason.

Sometimes you wish to live to see the sun.

Sometimes you wish to die and forget those who are like the sun.

You hate yourself, yet you love yourself.

You give advice to better others, yet you forget yourself in that same thought.

You scream self love, while whispering hate to yourself

You love to give yet hate to receive.

You hate to see pain; but love giving yourself pain

You love to fake it while you scream on the inside.

You pretend to be sane while your mind is completely torn apart.

You never want to show because you grown to hide.

From the time when you were a little girl to the age of 19.

You hide because that all you know.

You never want anyone to worry despite knowing they will.

You don't want to worry as you lay on your bed with bleeding wrist.

You hide the fact that there blood and tears flowing.

You want to hide yet you also want to be found.

I guess you know what they say is true.

The kindest people in this world are always the most damage.

And you are just another prime example.