A golden cascade of veil, soft as a butterfly's kiss, descended lightly, caressed each petal of silk or velvet before passing on. A riot of color, crimson and maroon and blush, amber and ivory and indigo, bobbed in greeting. Earthy browns steadily regarded dancing bright green, whilst dark Lincoln reposed in majesty. A whisper of a laugh, a snatch of song, flitted along the path, saying hello to all it met. Below, blades of peridot gossiped busily amongst themselves, bending this way and that as to pass messages. Earthworms emerged from their dark burrows before diving back to safety, as bright-eyed robins hopped about, chirping out welcomes to one another, discussing the weather and eggs and had Marybright returned to town, yet?

Veil transformed to brightly clad knights with shining spears. A legion of shade rushed to meet the gleaming army, and the two warred back and forth, cheered on by waving green above and below. Cheerful saffron attended the edges of the battle, content to live in the day. For just a moment, the silent song paused at the perimeter of the field, died in the battle, before slithering through the dark and emerging with a shout of triumph from the other side, sending satin and velvet to wild violent tossing.

In crept a maiden of mauve and cornflower, brushing each bloom and blade and sleepily nodding green with a tender touch. Along the paths she glided, bidding green and wine and pale gold good night. Her train spread behind her, deep blue and royal purple, trailing black shadows in her wake. A shining pearl rose above the ethereal panorama, drawing lacy shawls of cloud about herself. Alabaster face tilted upwards to meet iridescent marble, silvery rivulets lancing down and painting a stark contrast of argent and sable. Soft mauve robes gathered close, dissipating into shining grey nothingness and leaving the pale queen to dance all night with darkness.