Neon Charge and the Winged Boy

The city of Los Angeles was no stranger to the impossible. Twenty years ago, it was one of the biggest hubs for superheroes and supervillains. The heroes would fly through the air and people would look to the skies with hope and a sense of safety.

Now people look up to see smog filled skies and the occasional supervillain running amok. Its depressing is what it is...

That's why I'm around. Neon Charge. Superhero. Snark machine. Sexual Tyrannosaurs. Human Battery (Fix this, it ruins the alliteration). Listen to me, readers, listen to my sweet, succulent word music, my literature, or should I say, liter-ART-ure. Ha ha. I'm clever. Anyways, listen to my honey dipped paper talk and-


A muscular man lifted his head up and sighed. "And there goes my creative bubble." The man wore a strange, body covering suit. The white jumpsuit was skintight and revealed the muscular structure underneath. The strangest part though was the that the suit was covered in glowing lines. Each line radiated with a rainbow-like energy that traveled up and down his frame. The head of the man was hidden behind a white helmet, with a large, black visor allowing him to see.

Neon Charge stood up from the balcony and looked off into the distance. It was certainly an eye-catching sight. Several fast moving something-or-others were flying around the city, zipping past buildings and around billboards. A closer look revealed one of them was in the lead.

"Erratic flight path suggests a chase. I'm guessing some unfortunate soul is being hunted. That or a bunch of superpowerful ducks have gotten drunk. I'll take either." Neon grinned. He put a foot on the stone balcony and pulled himself up. "Time to Neon CHARGE into battle!" With a simple leap, the white garbed superhero began to fly after the group, a rainbow trail left behind him. "Gotta work on that catch phrase..."

People looked up to the sky, expecting a bird, or a plane flying over them, but what they got was a birdboy. A boy with saphire, feathered wings flew over the city, pursued by several creatures that resembled far more bestial versions of the boy. He resembled a normal child in dirty, torn clothing, who just so happened to have a pair of feathery wings.

The bird monsters wore large, elaborate robes made of scarlet thread, with white symbols patterned up and down it. Their talon feet grasped at the air behind them off of instinct as they chased after the body. Their osprey-like heads screeched as their hazel wings carried them at alarming speeds.

"Must be migrating season." Neon followed close behind the pack of avian-people. That's a kid...What the hell are a bunch of bird monsters doing chasing some kid with wings? "Attention bird people. Pull over or get El Poco Loco'd. If you don't know what that is, it means I'm going to roast your feathered asse-ACK!"

While the hero was talking, one of the birdmen had flanked him and tackled him through the window of a nearby building. The two flew in, shattering the walls of several cubicles before Neon Charge crashed onto the floor. The workers screamed in terror, fleeing in every direction as the birdman stood over the hero, analyzing him.

"S'okay! A brain damage bit of little never hurt anybody!" Neon laughed as he looked up from the floor. The bird glared at him and raised its clawed foot.

"Disgusting human."

"Really? We doing that cliche? You're unoriginal and ugly." The superhero dusted himself off and glared at his foe. "Well, Tweety Bird, let's rumble!" The osprey held out his clawed hand and a green smoke formed around it. From that smoke came a long katana blade. The bird gave a few testing strokes, before swinging it at Neon.

The blade missed as Neon vanished in a rainbow colored blur. He was suddenly behind the beastman and tossed him to the right. The monster hit a copying machine and before he could right himself, the hero grabbed him and opened the machine. He began to slam the machine closed on the feathered fiend's head, hearing the machine copying its face.

"Huh, remind me to plaster those," Neon laughed as paper images of the bird's scowling face came out of the machine. "How are you emoting so well with just a beak? OOF!" The beastman kicked him in the stomach, forcing him back several steps as it stood back up, sword in hand. "You're pretty tough. In a fair fight, who knows what would happen?" Neon suddenly aimed a finger at the bird and fired a prism-like beam of energy, knocking it out with a very bad burn on its chest. "But I don't play fair. I play to win, Tweety."

Lost time...Gotta make up for it! Powers, don't fail me now! Neon Charge was off once again. He soon flew out the hole he and his opponent made and looked around. "Shit!" One of the monsters had conjured a bow and arrow in his talons. With a release of the claw, the arrow flew past the boy, grazing his side. The boy's wings began to slow as he began to descend, before crashing in the middle of a four way stop. "Double shit."

People hid themselves and watched as the boy with the blue wings laid on the paved road. Drivers abandoned their cars or tried to make themselves as small as possible within their vehicles. No one was going to help the boy. Not in this age, not after the Slaughter of Heroes years ago. The birdmen landed around the boy, reaching down to pick him up when a blinding light shined over them.

The masked superhero hovered over the murder of birdmen like a miniature sun. His body slowly descended down upon them. "Y'know, as a matter of principal, I'd beat you guys up. I mean, I'm a sexy superhero, you're a bunch of cliche henchmen for some cliche supervillain, I'm sure. Its how things work!"

"Leave us be, man-thing!"

"Man-thing? Wrong superhero, guys." With a graceful landing, Neon stood with his arms crossed over his muscular chest. He spoke his anger sheathed with a jovial tone. "As I was saying, I'd beat you all up as a matter of principal, but you've threatened a kid; and I got a soft spot for kids. So, good news? You're getting the full Neon Charge Package! Bad news? You're getting the full Neon Charge Package."

"Vanquish the man-thing!" The leader bird ordered as he picked up the fallen boy.

"Oh, yeah. That'll happen," Neon laughed as the rest of the birdmen armed themselves. "Hey, flyboy!" He pointed at the escaping kidnapper. "Give me a minute, and I'll be right with you."

An arrow was fired, but it harmlessly flew through the trail of light Neon left behind. With amazing speed and grace, he stood in front of one of the birdmen. He smashed his fist into his beak, enjoying the feeling of it cracking under his knuckles. "I got muscles!" He could hear the pull of a string as one of the ospreys aimed an arrow. He fired, only for Neon to sidestep it without even looking at him. The radiant hero then grabbed another birdman and flung him at the archer.

"I got speed!" He laughed, aiming his finger at a sword wielding osprey. He fired a red beam from his fingertip, melting the metal of the sword and scorching the talons of its wielder. "I got lasers! None of you chicks can beat me! I can 'feather' anything you can deliver! Get it? Instead of weather, I said feather...You'll get it later..."

"You best be worth this, Little Fledgling. Whatever plans Gadera has for you, it has cost me several of my best hunters." The sleeping boy was held in the talons of the final osprey-man. He flew atop a building and took out a brilliant obsidian stone from his robe. He held the stone to the light of the sun and watched as it shimmered.

The shadow of the stone darkened and formed a small portal on the concrete wall. It grew in size until it could properly allow the giant bird access. He was about to leap in when he realized a weight was off his shoulders.

"Looking for this, chicken little?" Neon grinned, motioning to the small boy in his arms with his head.

"Give that back!"

"But we've already bonded!" the grown man whined, his face pouting behind his mask. He adjusted his grip on the boy and nodded his head up and down for him. "Please, sir, I don't want to be a loser like you and mom. I want to be a cool guy, like Mr. Neon Charge!" Neon said with a poor British accent. 'Hey, kid's spoken. Out of my hands," the muscular man shrugged.

"I will bring the Gadera the boy, and your head!" The lead bird screeched. He ran forward, katana forming in claw, intending to cut Neon down in one fell swoop. Neon Charge rolled his eyes as the blade exploded into hundreds of little pieces against his skintight suit. The birdman hardly had any time to realize just how screwed he was before a knee connected with his stomach. He gasped for air as he fell backwards, entering the portal.

"Tell your boss that if he wants to kidnap a kid on my watch, bring someone a bit more intimidating and a lot tougher. XOXO, Neon Charge." The portal closed behind the groaning avian, leaving the superhero with the unconscious blue angel. "Now...What to do with you?"

"Don't worry, kid. This isn't a kidnapping. This is a...rescue until I know where to take you, sort of thing," Neon explained. He held the boy over his shoulder as he opened the window with one hand. He flew in and quickly closed it behind him. "I promise, when you're awake, properly fed, healed up, and telling everyone that I'm your favorite superhero and not some creepy pedo who kidnapped you, I'll bring you back to your parents. Until then, mi casa es su casa." He flicked on the lights, revealing the Neon Cave.

The walls were illuminated with cheap lights, colored with chipping white paint, and smelled like something rotten. The living room was mostly empty, besides a black, leather sofa in the middle of the room with a cheap TV in front of it, a couple of game stations besides the television, with their controllers beside them. The walls were illuminated with cheap lights, colored with chipping white paint, and smelled like something rotten... Two doors led in opposite directions, the bedroom and kitchen.

"Unless those birdbrain brats were your family. In which case, I might just adopt you as Neon Charge Jr!" He joked. He let out a sigh as the winged boy continued to sleep. "I can't make you sleep on the couch...I mean, being chased, poisoned, crashing onto the road, and waking up on a gross couch in a place you don't know? That'd just be the shit cherry on top, huh? Oh, sorry, Kid. Guess I shouldn't swear around ya."

Neon pulled the boy off his shoulders and held him in his arms as he walked towards the bedroom. He kicked the door closed as he placed the sleeping child onto the medium sized bed. "There you go. It ain't perfect, but its better than a dirty sofa. As for your wound, its only a scratch, and judging from what those guys were trying to accomplish, isn't gonna kill you. Even so, I'll be keeping an eye on you all night. If you suddenly explode or something, I'll be the first to know...! That was a joke, Kid. I ain't gonna let anything bad happen to ya."

He tucked the boy in, making sure his wings were comfortable, before walking towards the lightswitch. "Good night, Kid. Feel better tomorrow cause I'm making some chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast! You're not gonna leave Mr. Charge to eat them all by his lonesome, right?" His voice was jovial, but his thoughts were grim.

Its gonna be okay, Kid. I promise, I'll protect you...


The winged boy belongs to Vernelley, author of the Lost Fledgling. Give it a read! She's a fantastic writer.