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This side of me

Gabriel Hayes stood immobile, lost in his thoughts, staring at the rain splashing against his office window. The digital clock on his desk read 9.30pm. It wasn't part of his usual routine, to keep such late hours. In fact he prefered leaving on time and encouraged his employees to do the same. 'Quality of life is enhanced by the time you spend out of your work place.' That was the motto of his life, as well as his company.

At thirty-five he was one of the youngest billionaires in the world although he looked much younger than his age with his tall, lanky frame and boyish looks. A tech prodigy, Gabriel had graduated university at the age of sixteen and joined a research unit at one of the leading laboratories in his city. When he was twenty-five he had started his company from scratch, with the goodwill of one Simon Ross, an industrialist he had made his acquaintance with at a technology fair. With a bit of luck and a whole lot of hard work Gabriel stood where he was right now. At times he couldn't believe his good fortune. Most companies took years to get established, especially ones which didn't have a lot of money backing them from the beginning, but in ten years his company had made its name and reputation propelling him into fame and fortune.

Gabriel gave a quiet laugh. For all his success, he was still the same introverted and socially awkward person he had been all his life. True, he was socially active as it was necessary for maintaining his company's image as well as his own, but there were times he found it to be tedious. Business magazines termed him one of the most eligible bachelors under the age of forty and gossip tabloids kept speculating about his sexuality, often pairing him up with a host of celebrities, reality stars and the like.
Initially Gabriel used to get irritated with the gossip and kept denying all the rumoured relationships he was supposedly in but after a while he stopped and chose to ignore it all. It wasn't as if he hadn't tried dating before, it was just that his partners weren't what he was looking for. It felt to him that they all wanted him for his money. And the very few who didn't held no appeal for him in other aspects.
A sudden buzz from his intercom broke his reverie. He moved away from the window, picked up the receiver and pressed the answer button.
'Yes, what is it?' he asked. 'Mr. Hayes, this is James from security. Miss Adams has arrived. Should I send her upstairs?' At the mention of her name, Gabriel felt a quickening of his pulse. 'Yes, of course,' he said.
'Sure thing,' said James, 'Miss Adams, you can go now. Just sign here please...' Gabriel kept the receiver down. Rika Adams was his counsellor and the only woman who made him feel confused and flustered, two feelings he always tried to suppress, and lately without a lot of success. Moving towards the mirror that hung beside his book shelf, Gabriel stared at his reflection. Sky blues eyes looked back at him impeccably dressed in a dark blue suit, with a mauve shirt peeping through the open blazer. His blonde hair stood up in odd angles giving him a attractive look, although to him they looked horribly out of place with the rest of his appearance.

It hadn't been this way in the beginning.

Six months ago he had hired Rika to help him deal with the stress of his work. She was a top psychologist and was highly recommended by an acquaintance of his. Though Rika didn't make any calls, she had agreed to come twice a week to his office for a 45 minutes session after he had made her a very generous offer. His first month with her was nothing out of the ordinary, with the sessions consisting of the usual topics that are discussed between a counsellor and client, but from the second month onwards, their conversations turned more personal and Gabriel had realised that behind her staid facade, there was an intelligent woman with a sharp wit and dry sense of humour, sharing many of his interests. As the months went by and their friendship increased, their sessions together became longer and more informal. At times Rika came over on other days after work to simply meet him or finish her extra work. 'You're making me go against my company's policy of not staying in late,' he had joked once to which he had got a fitting reply. It wasn't long before he realised that he didn't mind staying on late, especially if it meant spending time with her. Yes, he knew he was slowly but surely falling for her but he didn't want to admit it to himself.

He had been caught last month, staring at her while she wrote down her summary of the day's sessions, wondering how it would be like to pull her close and kiss her. So lost was he in his thoughts, that he hadn't noticed it when Rika looked up from her file to ask him something. The intensity of his look made her blush and it was only then that Gabriel realised his folly and tried to push down his thoughts. After that day she had been slightly distant with him making him confused about whether or not she saw him in a similar way. 'I have to tell her,' he thought, 'I need to know if she feels the same or not. I will never have mental peace till I know.' A knock on his door brought him back to the present. 'Come in,' he said.
Rika Adams opened the door and entered the room. She was an attractive woman of about thirty, medium height,with dark brown hair which she always tied up in a bun. Her dark almond shaped eyes scanned the room till they met Gabriel's and she gave him a smile which made him weak kneed.
She walked over to her usual place on his sofa and beckoned him to sit next to her.
He sauntered over and sat down giving her a lazy grin. 'You're awfully late,' he said. Rika looked sorrowful and launched into a fully animated explanation of what had kept her from coming earlier. Gabriel looked on, nodding politely but not listening to her words, as his thoughts were fully occupied in dealing with the turbulent emotions playing across his mind. It was then and there that he decided to take a chance and do something about his feelings. 'Rika..' he said gently, stopping her in mid sentence. Before she could ask why he called her, Gabriel leaned in and softly kissed her lips. Rika pulled away, blushing furiously and immediately Gabriel cursed himself for his impulsive gesture. 'Rika, I am sorry,' he said sadly, ' I understand that you don't feel the same way. I should have never...'
He wasn't allowed to continue as Rika put a hand on his mouth to shush him. 'Gabriel, don't say another word,' she said fiercely and kissed him, much to his shock.
Sensing his unresponsiveness, Rika pulled back and gave him a playful smile.
'Why Mr. Hayes, I actually expected a better response from you,' she said with a laugh.
Overcoming his surprise, Gabriel grinned. 'Miss Adams, I hope you are prepared to experience the extent of my...responsiveness.' he said seductively.
Before she could respond, he pulled her close to him causing her to shiver slightly. Cupping her chin with one hand, he raised her lips towards his and gently kissed her.
The fierceness with which she kissed him back left him breathless. He broke away and chuckled softly. 'I think it would be better if I lock my office's door before things get...heated.' Gabriel said with a sly smile causing Rika to turn red and avoid his gaze which seemed to stare into her very soul. With a graceful stretch Gabriel got up from the sofa and went towards the door.
The soft click of the lock made Rika jump and she realised that she had been holding her breath in anticipation of what came next. Vivid thoughts raced through her mind making her blush even further. She felt rather than heard Gabriel come near her. 'Gabriel..' she whispered, as he caught her by the hand and pulled her up from the sofa towards him. She gasped loudly as his lips brushed her features, before trailing down to the hollow of her neck while his hands traced her body's contours. He kissed her again, deeply this time, his tongue probing her mouth, causing an involuntary moan to escape her lips.

Without breaking away from the kiss, Gabriel lifted her up and sat her down on his desk. With one hand he removed her hairpin cause her long dark hair to tumble down in cascades and with his other he unzipped her skirt, tugging her blouse out. With her help, Gabriel managed to undo the buttons and shrugged it off of her shoulders, exposing the soft mounds of her breasts peeking out above her lacy pink bra. He trailed alternate kisses and nips down her neck, serving to excite her. She gave a soft gasp and pushed him away, just enough to push off his blazer. With a skill he couldn't have believed of her, she quickly undid the buttons of his shirt and helped him remove it. With a slow smile, Gabriel moved closer and with a deft motion unhooked her bra and pulled it off, causing her breasts to spill out. He brushed his fingers lightly against her taut nipples causing her to shiver, before cupping her breasts and softly kneading them. Bending down he took one erect nipple in his mouth and teased it, sucking and nibbling. She gasped and her hands pulled at his hair, urging him to move to the other breast, which he did obligingly before moving up to kiss her again.
Her fingers traced circles around his neck... his chest...lightly pulling at his nipples, and the rest of his exposed torso before resting at the small of his back, eliciting a harsh moan from his lips.
Pausing briefly in mid kiss, Gabriel gave her a lazy smile and gently pushed her skirt up. His smile turned into a roguish grin as he spied upon her lace stockings held up by a garter. 'Very cliched, Miss Adams,' he said impishly, making her giggle, 'I'd have figured you for a pantyhose kind of woman.' Laughing softly at her indignation, Gabriel proceeded to remove them quickly, along with her panties. Sliding his fingers between her thighs, he touched the small knob between her folds. All her indignation forgotten, she shuddered and sighed, as his fingers pressed and probed her heated core, taking her almost to the edge but withdrawing before she went over.

Removing her hands from his back, she swiftly unbuckled his belt and with his help pushed off his trousers and underwear exposing his erect manhood. Gabriel smirked as she spread her thighs invitingly and inched closer towards him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in for a kiss. The tip of his manhood teased her entrance, causing her to arch towards him, begging him to take her. Gabriel gave a sharp moan and plunged in, making her gasp. 'Oh Gabriel..' she half moaned, half whispered, as his thrusts went from gentle to increasingly rougher. She met each thrust and each stroke intensely, giving cries of pleasure. Her legs pressed his buttocks urging him on till she finally reached climax with Gabriel following a few strokes later with a hoarse groan. They stood still for a moment, out of breath and flushed.
Gabriel looked at Rika seriously for a few seconds before bursting into a naughty smile. 'That went really well,' he said lazily.
Rika blushed ever so slightly but returned his comment with a smile of her own. 'We should get going,' she said, 'it's getting really late.' In the midst of intermittent kisses, they dressed with each other's help. Finally when they were done dressing Rika wished him good night and proceeded to leave his office. She hesitated for a few seconds at the door, unsure of whether she wanted to go but mentally steeled herself and went outside.

Gabriel looked thoughtfully at the door closing behind her and realised that he was loathe to leave her company, especially after what had happened. He ran out of his office and caught her as she was about to go down the elevator. 'Rika,' he called out, stopping her in mid step. 'Would you like to come over to my house for dinner tonight?'
Rika stared at him silently. 'Yes,' she said simply, 'Although some part of me knows that the dessert won't be part of the usual menu.' Gabriel laughed, 'Very perceptive Miss Adams. Let's just keep that as a surprise for later shall we?'

Holding a smiling Rika in his arms, Gabriel called for the elevator to take them down and onwards in to the night.