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"Please," he begged her. "Please. I'll do anything. I-I'll...I'll give you my firstborn!" The stone walls, covered in all sort of unusual knicknacks, felt like they were closing in on him. The room was so small already that it wouldn't take long to squish him like a bug.

Beth the Silver hummed, finally turning to him, finally interested. "Your firstborn, eh?" she asked.

He grasped at that hope. "Yes. Yes! My firstborn. It'll be all yours if you just grant me this." He struggled to breathe.

"My dear Abraham," Beth the Silver said. "I knew you were coming. I knew what you came to ask." She walked over to the boiling couldron in the middle of the room and grabbed a strange, pink vial from the shelf. She unstoppered the lid and poured the clear liquid into the couldron. "Have you brought the item that belongs to her?"

"Yes," Abraham said, pulling out a yellow tulip. "It's from her garden." As she took it, he ran a hand through his dark brown hair. His matching brown eyes watched as she dropped it into the couldron.

"And yours?" she asked. He nodded and pulled out another yellow tulip before handing it over to her. A confused look from her asked him to explain.

"I've been working on a garden of my own," he said. "To impress her." She nodded and dropped the other tulip into the couldron and stirred the contents before pulling out a clear vial and filling it with them.

The new ingredients had turned the liquid into a golden yellow. "Pour this into her drink," she told him, handing the vial to him. "She will find you irresistable."

He frowned. "Won't she suspect...?"

"The color will fade into the drink. She will have no idea."

He grinned. "Thank you," he said, taking the vial. "This means so much to me."

"Just remember the price," Beth the Silver reminded him. "Your firstborn child."

"Yes, of course. I will never forget. Thank you." With that, he rushed out of the cave that the witch had made into her home.

"Please," she begged her. "Please, I'll do anything."

"Hmmm..." Beth the Gold hummed curiously. "You know, the price for something like this...it's pretty high."

"Anything," she repeated.

"Something like...your firstborn child."

"You'll have it," the woman said unwaveringly. "The child will be yours. Please, do this for me."

Beth the Gold grinned. "Anything for you, darling Angelica. Come, we must prepare the potion." She led Angelica to the couldron in the other room. It was already boiling. "It's almost ready," she said. "It just needs a few more ingredients."

"You knew I was going to ask...?"

"Of course I knew. I know everything, darling." She grinned as she took a pink vial and poured the clear liquid into the couldron. "Did you bring the item that belongs to him?"

Angelica nodded and pulled out a brown scrap of cloth.

"How'd you get a hold of that?" Beth the Gold asked, taking it and dropping it into the couldron.

"It was falling off," Angelica told her. "I offered to make a patch for him, and I took this piece as I did."

"Clever," Beth the Gold said with a grin. "Now, your item." She nodded and handed Beth the Gold her own patch of green cloth from one of her old dresses. Beth the Gold nodded approvingly and dropped it into the couldron. She stirred the contents carefully before filling a clear vial with them. The added ingredients had turned the liquid into a bright, hazel color. A mixture of the brown and the green. She handed the vial to Angelica.

"Won't he...?" Angelica asked, twirling her brown hair with her finger nervously. Her brown eyes inspected the vial closely.

Beth the Gold grinned at her. "The color will fade into the drink. He'll have no idea."

Angelica grinned. "Thank you," she said.

Beth the Gold nodded. "Don't forget, now. Your firstborn child."

"Of course. It will be all yours." With that, the woman turned and made her way out of the old castle.

That night, Abraham and Angelica sat together at Abraham's sister and Angelica's cousin's wedding. It was late in the night, not many people were left celebrating. Even the bride and groom had left.

"Would you like one more drink?" Abraham asked Angelica, praying she would say "yes." He hadn't had a chance all night to slip the potion into the drink without someone thinking he was trying to roofie her drink. Of course, no one would think of him to do something like that. But if they saw him pouring something into her drink, what else would one suspect? But it was late, now, and no one would be watching them.

"A light drink," she decided. He nodded and went over to the bar. When the bartender turned his back to tell the drunk at the other end of the bar to go home, he quickly pulled out the vial and dripped the love potion into Angelica's cup. Just as Beth the Silver had said, the yellow liquid disappeared into the sparkling wine.

While she waited, Angelica admired the reception hall of the Inn. It was decorated beautifully for the wedding. And it was huge, which made it perfect for the two large families. Flowers everywhere infused the air with a glorious scent. Instead of lights, the room was lit with the dying candles, leaving a dark, romantic aura in the room.

Abraham returned to the table and handed his beloved her cup. "Thank you," Angelica said. He nodded with a grin before looking up toward the bar. The wedding had no bouncer, and the drunk was not leaving. He felt bad for the bartender, so he patted Angelica on the shoulder and nodded towards the bar.

"I'm going to help him out," he said. "Wait for me, and we'll toast."

"OK," Angelica said with a grin, proud of the man she loved. She watched as Abraham left, his back towards her, and went to guide the drunkard out of the building.

This was her chance. She hadn't had a single opportunity to pour the love potion into his drink. What would anyone who caught her think of her? Trying to roofie the man's drink? But now, no one was watching. She pulled out the vial and poured its contents into Abraham's drink. Just as Beth the Gold had said, the hazel-colored liquid dissappeared into the sparkling wine.

When Abraham finally returned, the two grinned at each other and took their respective drinks. "To the new couple," Abraham said.

"To the new couple," Angelica agreed, and they clinked their glasses together before taking a sip.

The sensation was essentially the same for both of them. They became overwhelmed with feelings for the other, images of the other filling his and her mind. Unable to control themselves, they fell on the floor together, kissing. After a few moments, they forced themselves apart only to go rent a room out of the Inn.