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I looked around the classroom wishing for a familiar face, someone I might know, but saw none. Of course there's no one I know here, I've been in America for two months, and an American citizen for one week now, no one's going to know me.

" Class, this is Liliah, she's from England. She's a new student here. Liliah you will be sitting behind James, James raise your hand please." Ms. Cobie announced.

James raised his hand. He had black hair that was swept to the side and cut short so it only touched the top of his forehead, sky blue eyes that sparkled in the sunlight coming through the windows to the left of the classroom, and light tan skin with freckles that were spread out, but seemingly building up a army. He wore a simple green t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers.

I walked towards him in silence, no one spoke. I felt everybody's eyes staring intently at me, like they were trying to figure me out with just a look, but I kept my eyes forward and walked to my seat. I might not know anyone here but I'm not going to let that stop me from doing anything. I set my books on my desk and sat down. Ms. Cobie began the lesson. James turned around in his chair and held out his hand.

"Hi, I guess you know I'm James, but it is nice to meet you." I smiled and shook his hand saying.

"And I guess you know I'm Liliah, but it's nice to meet you, too."

Ms. Cobie seemed to notice our conversation but ignored it, understanding the situation. I decided I might like these people.

Throughout the day James helped me to my classes, and at lunch we talked a good deal. My thoughts and worries seemed to drift away, I laughed, but they would always follow me. I was at school, I was making friends, no weird things were happening, right? Nothing weird can happen, I left those creatures on a different continent, they couldn't have followed me!

"Liliah? You ok?" James asked.

"Oh, sorry, I guess I drifted off didn't I?" I said laughing, but inside crying mostly in fear of my memories.

The school day ended at 3:45 and soon I was on my way home. New York is so strange, I thought looking through the window of the taxi to the festering, full streets of New York. I'd never seen so much activity in Liverpool. Seeing so many people milling about, looking about the city, with so much technology not even being actively used, it seemed so strange. But I'd seen weirder things, like that Shadow Demon's pet. No! Oh, please no! I tried to fight the memory, but it all came back to me in full detail.

The Demon's pet with its gruesome, yellowing, teeth, its dog skull face staring down at me, skin so tightly bound to it's bones, I could see it's whole skeleton. Spikes of black bone came out of the monster's back, it's tail, like a spinal cord, whipped two long blades over my cheek, watching me quiver in fear. It's bone paws bore down on me, it's leg bones seeming broken but somehow not, it's claws digging into my chest as I was pushed onto the ground. I could feel it's sickly breath on my face, in my nose, in my mouth, but I couldn't move, I was petrified with fear as it's yellow eyes in their empty sockets excitedly watched me, as it's partner ate the screaming man behind it, my father. I remember the Demon's laugh as Dad died, it's shrieking, horrifying, laugh. I remember the Demon's face, a humanoid face, cheeks shrunken in, pale, almost blue skin, its snake eyes, it's pupils narrowed slits, and horns that made a v starting at his nose, the scar running through his left eye, his hissing, shrieking, laugh as he saw my fear. Then I remember a blue light, it washed over me, pushing off and flipping the bone dogs and slamming into the Demon. I remember seeing the Demon run away as his dogs disintegrated in the light, though he only seemed irritated, or rather angered, by the light. I remember screaming, so much screaming, some of it from me, some from the dying man next to me. There was so little of him left I couldn't call him father. I remember sitting there past morning crying, screaming, shrieking, sometimes it was hard to breathe, my throat burned like a fire, but couldn't stop myself, I stayed like that till someone came and found me and the bone dog's last meal.

"HEY! Girl, you're here!" The Cab driver startled me. "I've been trying to get your attention for the last five minutes, what's wrong?"

"I'm sorry sir, here." I said crying as quietly as I could, and handing him the money.

I ran out of the cab and in to the hotel still crying. I didn't stop running till I reached my mom's hotel room. Mom wasn't home till late, but my tears ran down my face the entire night. Mom tried to comfort me when she got home, but she couldn't understand what I'd seen, no one ever could. It happened when I was nine, five years ago, and every night I had nightmares about it. Maybe some day I could forget, but no, I'd always remember. No amount of happiness or contentment could make me forget. Probably not even amnesia. I cried till I fell asleep and then spent a night of tormented nightmares shredding all happiness that that day had brought. It was like they were mocking me.